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Plants are an important aspect of home decor for me not only because they add a natural element to a room and a splash of green, but for health reasons too. House plants help to release water in the air and purify the air. Plus the presence of house plants have been shown to decrease stress and boost mood, memory, concentration and even creativity! Below I have listed my top 5 beautiful plants that I currently have in my own home, and have managed to maintain with little effort.

best indoor plants

1 - Beach Loving Traveler: Areca Palm

Grab a tree sized palm and make sure to give it full light. Not only will the palm tree add a huge pop of green to a room, and make you feel as though you are somewhere tropical, but the palm will also help release more moisture in the air.

2 - Fresh Flower Lover: Orchid

When blooming the flowers can last for weeks providing a solid pop of colour to any room. Even if you lack a green thumb, and can't get your orchid to re-bloom at only $20 a plant it is cheaper to replace your potted orchid then buy fresh flowers every week.

3 - The Black Thumb: Mother-in-law Tongue

This is my must have plant in my house which happens to amazing as purifing the air. While it thrives in full sun, it will survive with little light and hardly any water - it's perfect if you tend to forget to care for your plants, or need a plant that can be grown far away from a window. One of my favorite aspects of this plant is the yellow and green variegation and the tall height.

4 - The Foodie: Herbs

If you are like me and love to cook having fresh herbs in the house is a must. While in the summer I have an entire herb garden, in the winter I bring in some of my rosemary, basil and thyme. If you typically use fresh herbs, keeping plants is a more affordable option than going to the store to purchase pre-cut bags of herbs.

5 - For Everyone: Yucca Palm

Like the Mother-in-law Tongue this plant requires not much water and full sunlight but is not as forgiving in low light conditions. The multi-tiered plant with spikey leaves gives a exotic feel to your home.

Without moralizing or anthropomorphism

2007-04-12 13:05:36 by devilduckie

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Luring squirrels out of our areas is problematic for two reasons: the first is that they are often impacted for territory by the time we notice their damage, so the likelihood that no neighboring squirrels move in is small. The original tenant will probably return because it won't find vacancies nearby

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