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Boston FernLooking to spruce up your interior design? Add some much needed green to your abode with these 4 low maintenance indoor plants.

Boston Fern

Boston fern’s arching, lacy fronds make it well suited to hanging baskets or for display on a pedestal. Don’t let its delicate appearance mislead you, though: This tough plant that will live for decades if you keep it moist and give it moderate light and enough humidity. The variety ‘Dallas’ is more compact and more tolerant of dry air.


How to care for your Boston Fern:

  • Light:Medium to Bright sunlight
  • Temperature: About 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and slightly cooler at night.
  • Water: Requires moderate to heavy watering. Keep the soil moist at all times with exception to the winter months. In the winter, water your fern once the soil feels dry to touch, however do not let the soil dry out too much.schefflera2 week to help fulfill its requirements. If the foliage begins to fade in color, chances are the plant is not receiving enough water.
  • Soil: Use well-draining potting soil.
  • Feeding: Fertilize once a month use a water-soluble houseplant food except in fall and winter months.

Schefflera or Umbrella Plant

Jade PlantIf you’re like most busy homeowners, you want your indoor plants to tolerate substandard growing conditions and some neglect now and then. The umbrella plant, also known as schefflera, delivers on this.

Schefflera is different in that it has leaves that are arranged in groups like spokes around a center point; they can be variegated or solid green. Additionally, there’s also a dwarf schefflera, which is generally the variety sold as a houseplant.

While the dwarf version is similar in height to the standard schefflera when raised indoors there is a marked difference between the two as far as leaf size — the leaves of the dwarf schefflera are roughly half the size of the regular schefflera’s. Outdoors and in the ground, the regular schefflera can reach a height of 40 feet, versus a maximum of 15 feet for the dwarf schefflera.

Oh ho, I beg to disagree. No way, Jose!

2007-01-06 08:49:54 by TotallyAnonymous

No way is BC bud the best. Not possible. The marijuana plant thrives on a dense, moist environment and intense sunlight with a long extended sun season - i.e. Hawaii, Mendocino, Thailand, and the jungles of Columbia. British Columbia does not have the angle of the sun that's required to contain a high amount of available BTU's because it's too far north.
Indoor growing can actually produce very hiqh quality pot IF the grower knows how to spike the plants with the right chemicals in the watering system. However, indoor growing can't produce the same amount of buds that outdoor growing can produce in the same square foot area.

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