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Best low light plants
Managing indoor plants NYC is just the same as looking after outdoor gardens. The only difference is that indoor flowers are often potted, and they get very little sunlight. For this reason, they may have different needs. Continue reading to learn more about managing indoor plants in the city of New York.

Living organisms need water, whether they are plants or animals. Any plant that is grown indoors cannot get water from rain or sprinklers, so it must be watered on a regular basis. However, this does not mean that you should over-water it. Ideally, you should try to feed water to your plant once or twice a week depending on the plant species you chose to grow.

There are numerous benefits of growing a plant in your office or home. For instance, the color of the plant and the unique shape of its leaves can enhance the visual appeal of your home or office. The plant can also help to clean up the air in the room by absorbing toxic chemicals that may be in the room. It will also convert carbon dioxide to oxygen during photosynthesis, thereby purifying the air.

There are many types of indoor plants that you can grow inside your home or office. The plant you choose depends largely on your ability to care for it. For instance, you can choose a low maintenance plant if you know that you may not be available to care for it properly. On the other hand, you can choose to grow a plant that needs a gentle touch and regular maintenance if gardening is your hobby.

If you would like to grow an attractive-looking plant in your house, the spider plant may just be what you are looking for. This plant requires very little maintenance, but it can get a lot of visual interest from visitors. When potted, the plant can be placed strategically on the floor or hanged from the wall. Spider plant varieties can be found in local gardening stores.

If you do not usually have enough time on your hands to do something for fun, there is one plant that you may like. This is the Aloe Vera. The plant needs very little maintenance and can stay for more than a month without being watered. A potted aloe looks great when placed in strategic places inside the house. Ideally, this should be close to windows so that the plant can get enough sunlight.

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It's very easy to grow... it is a WEED you know.

2007-05-01 07:57:01 by fujin74

There are lots of books on the subject, but I have found the best way to ensure hardy bud-producing plants is to use 2-liter coke bottles with the tops cut off.
Put one seedling per coke bottle, and as they grow keep adding more dirt a little bit at a time to support the stem until it gets big.
They need FULL sun, preferably 24 hours a day, but since that's not available, put them in the spot with the most sun. Or you can buy (or build) an elaborate indoor grow light and water system, but in my opinion that's a waste of money... they grow just as well outside in a sunny place

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