Best indoor plants for limited Sunlight

A potted indoor tree is substantially smaller than an outdoor tree.

Growing plants indoors presents you with several challenges because the plants are not exposed to natural garden environments, such as beneficial earthworm activity and naturally decomposing organic matter. Typically, indoor plants do not grow extensively because they receive a limited supply of sunlight and are restricted by pot size. Other factors, such as their soil, also contribute to their limited growth.

Moist or Dry Soil

Your indoor plants rely on you to provide a naturally moist soil structure. Overall, each indoor plant needs a well-drained soil bed so that water moves freely throughout its pot from either top or bottom watering strategies. Drainage holes along a pot's sides and base are imperative for healthy plant growth. If you give an indoor plant too much or too little water, its roots die back and cause limited growth, or stunting. If a home has water from only a water-softening system, then its indoor plants need an alternative water source. The high salinity of softened water creates a salty environment for plants, causing water absorption problems.

Pot Size

The pot size you choose for a plant dictates the plant's proportions because its root ball is restricted to that space. Increase a plant's growth potential by transplanting it to a larger pot, such as moving it from a 10-inch pot to a 12-inch pot. As a plant's root ball spreads out in a new pot, the plant can grow taller and bushier without the threat of toppling over. If you allow an indoor plant to remain in the same pot for several years, its roots naturally try to spread through the pot's drainage holes, but the rest of the plant remains limited in its growth because of the lack of space and soil nutrients.


A potted indoor tree is substantially smaller than an outdoor tree.
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Plant stands for heavy/large indoor plants?

2006-12-04 12:49:36 by -

Hi there, well I've gone and done it. Started buying large plants for indoors to start filling in these huge high ceilings and double stacked windows.
I do need to get some of the plants that aren't necessarily pet friendly off the floor. Do you have any suggestions for the appropriate type of stand for heavy large plants? Or am I doing cement block with "lovely" wrap?
Thanks for input.

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