Best Houseplants for low Sunlight

70909snakeplant1.JPG We've all got at least one room that gets very little natural light. Usually these are the rooms most in need of the lively energy that a houseplant brings, but so many plants crave the ever-elusive "bright indirect light" that it can be difficult to find appealing specimens for a dim room. Inspired by our recent purchase of the lovely Sansevieira Moonshine pictured above, we thought we'd extol the virtues of this popular plant, sometimes known as Snake Plant or Mother-in-law's Tongue...

Part of Sansevieria's popularity is due to the fact that there are so many different cultivars. Among them all, there's bound to be a color, shape, or texture to please any plant lover. Rough, narrow black spikes... wide, silvery, sword-shaped leaves... variegated yellow-and-green tubes... take your pick.

70909snakeplant3.jpg 70909snakeplant2.jpg
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Plant stands for heavy/large indoor plants?

2006-12-04 12:49:36 by -

Hi there, well I've gone and done it. Started buying large plants for indoors to start filling in these huge high ceilings and double stacked windows.
I do need to get some of the plants that aren't necessarily pet friendly off the floor. Do you have any suggestions for the appropriate type of stand for heavy large plants? Or am I doing cement block with "lovely" wrap?
Thanks for input.

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