Large Leaf Indoor Plants

Dollar tree next to windowMy husband and I dream of having a garden. You know, a real garden. One that supplies enough year-round vegetables to keep us from ever purchasing produce again.

Throw in a chicken coop, and you’ve covered half the items on our dream home wish-list.

But since we currently live in an apartment, the best we can do is a basil plant on the porch and a few indoor plants—much less functional than a vegetable garden, but just as beautiful.

I love my indoor plants because they’re self-sustaining and easy to maintain. By “easy to maintain” I mean we water them about every 2 weeks and keep them in rooms with tons of natural light.

That’s it—minimal water and lots of light. No fuss. So if you lack a green thumb and feel confident picking up a water pitcher every few days, this list is for you:

Dollar tree trunkDollar Tree

This thing grows like a weed. I’ve had to trim the top twice since we bought it three months ago to prevent it from getting too large.

We bought it from IKEA for about $25.

Yep, IKEA. I thought that’s where plants went to die. Turns out I was wrong.

I have one frustration with this plant: it grows fast, but sometimes the new growth looks thin and uneven. However, trimming the top usually takes care of that issue, so frustrations with this plant are temporary.

Succulents and Cacti

cacti in small potThese plants are immortal.

Yes, immortal.

The last time we moved, half the leaves were lopped off this little guy, which is why the top is much smaller than the bottom:

Within a month or so, this succulent regrew itself. It’d be one thing if it just…didn’t die. But come on, it’s regrowing itself. That’s super-hero immortal.

I have better luck with succulents when I keep them inside. Any succulent I’ve tried to keep outside ended up dying. And I live in Texas, which feel like a dessert half of the year.

Succulent on stack of books

Snake Plant

AKA: mother-in-law’s tongue. I love the tiger stripes and yellow borders on its leaves.

Of all my indoor plants, I ignore this one the most solely because of its location in the apartment. It’s far away from the the plants and is therefore on a separate, more minimal watering schedule.

But hey, it’s not dead yet.

One Plant to Avoid: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I hate to break it to you, but the fiddle leaf fig tree (despite its immense popularity) is a sensitive, high-maintenance plant.

I have two fiddle leafs—the tall tree shown above and a much smaller one, the size of a shrub. The little one is doing great, always has. But the tall one is much, much thinner than when I bought it. Twice now we’ve seen it grow like no one’s business only to watch it drop leaves like no one’s business a week later.

If you have enough patience to research the dos and don’ts AND you’re willing to try various maintenance strategies, give it a go. Just know what you’re getting yourself into.

What low-maintenance plants do you recommend? Also, if you know how to save my large fiddle leaf, tell me what to do! All suggestions are welcomed.

leaves of a succulent plant cacti and succulent snake plant snake plant leaves
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