Large indoor plants and trees

99c offices by Inhouse Brand Architects featuresbra waiting room inside a shipping containerA bright red shipping container at the entrance to the offices of Cape Town branding agency 99c houses a waiting room for visitors.

The concept for the interior focuses on separating the work spaces from breakout areas that facilitate communication between employees and can be used for meetings or informal teamwork.

"The latest office design thinking contends that collaboration happens at the water cooler and does not necessarily need to tie up an office space or a meeting room that has been earmarked for client use, and often stands empty for most of the day, " said Inhouse creative director Aidan Hart.

To foster a greater sense of integration between employees on different floors, the architects removed a section of the concrete slab between the eighth and ninth storeys and inserted a new staircase that encourages movement around the whole office.

An existing staircase ascending to a mezzanine above the ninth floor was also replaced with a new wooden structure that resembles bleacher-style benches and incorporates steps that can be used as seating.

A large projection screen can be lowered so the steps become a screening room for watching films or reviewing work, while the space underneath the wooden addition hides a small kitchen.

Greenery is used throughout the interior, including in an indoor garden that features six potted trees and cafe furniture positioned on a wooden platform. Elsewhere, plants create green walls that visually separate some of the rooms.

99c offices by Inhouse Brand Architects featuresbra waiting room inside a shipping container

Simple and sustainable materials such as pine and chunky chipboard introduce tactile surfaces that contrast with the building's concrete floor and steel framework.

Surfaces painted burnt orange, blue, black and lime green are used to demarcate meeting areas and reference the client's brand identity, while dome pendants with brightly coloured interiors add an extra splash of colour.

The architects sent us the following project description:

99c offices by Inhouse Brand Architects

When Inhouse Brand Architects was approached to create the new Cape Town offices of top local advertising agency 99c, its interior design team used the opportunity to produce an extraordinary - yet more efficient - work environment that sounds the death knell of the conventional office.

Need source for LARGE indoor trees, plants.HELP

2008-01-13 08:50:50 by KenH

Hi. Hopefully someone here will know and share some info. I am looking for very LARGE palms and/or ficus trees. I have living room with a very tall ceiling and would like the opportunity to fill some of the volume with a giant potted indoor ficus or palm. I have several already from stores like Lowes and Home Depot around the house. But What I am looking for now is something substantially bigger than that.
Any ideas?
Where do commercial businesses get those giant trees in their office lobbies?
Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

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