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As an apartment dweller once, I did nothing BUT container vegetable gardening. To survey one's pots brimming with edibles and flowers is like falling in love... be still my beating heart.

If there's no hope for a plant to poke its head out from between the tiles on your patio, and there's not enough dirt in the corners of your house, then get potty!

Container vegetable gardens are a great alternative for those that don't have access to a garden, backyard or even a balcony.

Some good reasons to have a potted vegetable garden...

  • Mostly it's just lack of a spot of soil on our fair earth
  • Easy access to the kitchen
  • Handy or safer environments, especially for children
  • Better protected from unwanted attention of various pests
  • Easy for the less mobile and the handicapped.

An outdoor potted vegetable garden is usually extremely attractive and serves the dual purpose of style and function around your patio. Indoor plants make a house look like a home as well as bringing nature and food, well, indoors.

Container gardening, growing vegetables in potsThey need a sunny space. An advantage with vegetables grown in containers is that you can move the containers around to follow the sun and seasons if necessary.

Using wheelie trays or dollys, wheelbarrows or pots in wheelbarrows, makes moving larger pots a bit easier, but not as peachy pie as you think. Bend your knees, don't slip and watch your back!

Your Potted Vegetable Garden the No-dig way

The no dig vegetable garden can be just as successful in containers, provided similar guidelines are followed.Container herbs - growing an indoor potted garden

Even a non no-dig gardener is NOT likely to go galumphing around in galoshes digging into pots with a spade... so, we can't truthfully describe no-dig container gardening here. We'll call it more layer gardening. Layer the materials in good sized containers in a simplified version as outlined in

Let's look at that in detail...

Growing vegetables in pots, scallions in a container

Same sex split,soon to be homeless. Please help.

2012-09-07 13:50:22 by Gardenguru1

Hello, I am a college student and dependent/domestic half of a 12 year partnership. My partner has decided to sell the home I live in and he want's me to move out. For 2 years he has been working in Miami and living in one of his condos with someone else, and now I believe this is his way of dissolving our partnership. Nothing is in my name.
Here's my predicament;
I have no car, live in West Marin and he has stopped paying insurance/registration on the Range Rover I was driving (in his name). I cannot afford to operate such a vehicle. The credit cards have stopped working. My food and diet has needed to change and my pell grant will be depleted soon

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