Best low maintenance large indoor plants

It’s extremely beneficial to have houseplants in your home, not only for their beauty and home décor aesthetic, but also to improve the overall air quality in your space. Some women spend countless hours tending to and cultivating plants because they enjoy doing so and have the gift of a green thumb. Other women are so busy tending to the demands of life that it becomes difficult to keep their indoor plants alive. Often, these well-meaning ladies are just so active that they forget to take care of their plants and give them the attention so many of them need. If you’re one of those on-the-go gals, don’t despair! There are numerous indoor houseplants that require minimal maintenance, which makes them the perfect choice for all of you ladies that don’t have too much time to maintain your plants, but still want to enjoy them in your home.


Not only is Aloe low maintenance, it also provides superb medicinal qualities that make it an ideal choice for ladies looking for an easy plant to grow. A member of the Lily family, the Aloe leaves can be broken up and the inner sap used for soothing burns and minor cuts. Place your aloe plant in a windowsill or other locale in your home where natural light is abundant and give it a nice drink of water ever few weeks. As with many plants, Aloe can be toxic, so it should be placed up high if you have pets or small children in your home.

Snake Plant

If you tend to forget about your plants for long periods of time, opt for a Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), which doesn’t require much attention or TLC. This hardy, succulent plant can be grown in low light or bright conditions, so placement in a choice location in your home should be a breeze. It has gorgeous, stately leaves that stand out and make an immediate impact in your décor. A number of different varieties are available, so you should choose one that will perfectly complement your home. The Snake Plant should be watered about once a week, at its base, for optimum results. Because these plants grow relatively fast, you may have to divide and repot them once a year.

Same sex split,soon to be homeless. Please help.

2012-09-07 13:50:22 by Gardenguru1

Hello, I am a college student and dependent/domestic half of a 12 year partnership. My partner has decided to sell the home I live in and he want's me to move out. For 2 years he has been working in Miami and living in one of his condos with someone else, and now I believe this is his way of dissolving our partnership. Nothing is in my name.
Here's my predicament;
I have no car, live in West Marin and he has stopped paying insurance/registration on the Range Rover I was driving (in his name). I cannot afford to operate such a vehicle. The credit cards have stopped working. My food and diet has needed to change and my pell grant will be depleted soon

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