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Orchids de Oro's professionally trained installation team has more than 20 years of experience designing, specifying and building unique garden concepts, custom interior landscape environments and specialty plant arrangements. Our installations may be found in custom private homes, corporate environments and landscape settings from Seattle to Hawaii. Our garden creations have frequently been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Flowers Inc., InStyle, Los Angeles Magazine, and Los Angeles Times Magazine.
Whether a one-room meditation retreat, a two-acre tropical garden concept or a single rare botanical specimen, our one-of-a-kind creations are designed exclusively for discriminating interior designers and individual clients. Our work is known for its distinctive flair and for its use of unique combinations... MORE

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Condition is a big issue for many

2009-05-08 11:08:48 by EricAZ

Most foreclosed homes have been vacant for awhile and maintenance was neglected before that in the best case scenario. Houses will need a good cleaning, interior paint, some flooring replacement, new appliances, and landscaping cleanup & replacing dead plants. You could be looking at $10,000 or so for a 1500-2000 sf house to do a light job.
The FHA 203K loan program is perfect for these types of homes as it'll fund the repairs after closing on the house. The bank holds the repair funds and disburses to your selected contractor or yourself when the repairs are done and inspected

Create mini landscape with the containers

2004-02-29 09:28:50 by AnitaMoCompost

Just like with interior design , it's not always what you have but how you arrange what you have that makes all the difference.
Group your container sizes into tall ( background ) medium (midground ) and small foreground compostions.
In the largest background pot plant small trees with big presence such as Abysinnian Red Banana, Giant Bird of Paradise, Queen Palms, Brugmansia, Tibouchina, Mexican Weeping Bamboo and the like.
In the midground try plants with strong bold leaf structure.
Cannas cannas cannas !!
Cycads, Dianella, Doryanthus !!, Furcraea, Shefflera, ( YES TRY HOUSE PLANTS! ) Euphorbia, Iochroma, Tasmaniun Tree Ferns , Fatsia, Hibiscus, Persian Shield

5 big boxes of cook ware for sale, plus MORE

2002-04-15 23:55:49 by storageClearance

She also owned a cooking school so she has LOTS of cookbooks and cookware.
ITEMS FOR SALE IN STORAGE. You need to make an appointment with me so I can bring you to the storage place, it's worth looking. Please me your full name and approximate time you will show up,phone #. Please try to make it cause I'll be waiting for you. I MIGHT have cell 415 990 9861 with me.
Thur Fri anytime: prefer NOON to get a bunch of people at once.
Sat and Sun 4/20 9-1pm,
4/21 11-3pm during the day.
More DETAILS and pictures later-it will say 'Interior Designer has storage items for sale'

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