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Yucca is a group of trees and shrubs that are members of the agave family. It is an evergreen plant which does not annually shed its leaves. The long, narrow and pointed leaves grow in a cluster along the stem. From the center of this leaf cluster grows a cluster of bell shaped flowers. The edges of the leaves tend to be razor sharp, and the flowers are whitish-green, white or cream colored. In the evening some yucca blossoms open and emit a strong fragrance.

Yuccas come from the deserts and plains of southern North and Central America and with their stiff, leathery leaves and panicles of creamy white flowers, they make great architectural plants.

The yucca plant produces a fleshy or dry fruit. It is a large fruit that contains numerous small, flat, ebony colored seeds. The Native Americans ate the yucca’s fruit during the winter months, after first preserving it by drying. The Native Americans also made fermented beverages from the yucca fruit. The appearance of the yucca fruit varies by the type of yucca plant. Some resemble a green egg plant, and others look like wrinkled bell peppers.
Yucca plants grow in parts of the Caribbean, in the southern and southwestern parts of the United States and in Mexico’s desert highlands and plateaus. While most of the plants are shrubs, there are some tree varieties, such as the Joshua tree. rt. The Joshua Tree National Park includes over 800, 000 acres, and is under the National Park’s authority.

Native Americans found many uses for the yucca plant. From the leaf fibers they made baskets, sandals, ropes and mats. They utilized the fruit as food and to make drinks. They even ate the flowers from the yucca, which were either boiled or eaten raw. From the stems and roots of the yucca they made soap. Today yucca plants are used as decorative yard foliage and as bordering plants.

Yucca trees are known for being quite tall, although they can be grown indoors if you trim them back often.

If growing a yucca tree indoors, repot your yucca cane when it becomes top heavy or its roots stick out of the drainage hole at the bottom of its container. If the soil in its container dries out within a day of watering, it may have filled its pot with roots and needs repotting.

These Yucca trees are quite strong as well, so you don’t need to worry about damaging them when pruning and trimming. Pruning yucca trees is a simple and straightforward process. Because the yucca tree is a cane plant, pruning is synonymous with cutting the trunk. The best time to prune your yucca tree is in the early spring.

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Yucca and Dieffenbachia are wilted, help!

2011-01-31 21:15:48 by MizzMannerz

Who here knows about raising plants?
I have a Yucca plant. It's the ones with tough stems and long green stiff leaves. The problem is that I've had my curtains drawn for months and it's rather dry in my living room, therefore I guess it's dying now. Half of the leaves are yellow and droopy.
Can it be saved if it has more sun or is something else needed?
I also have a Dieffenbachia and the leaves are wilting too. Both are indoors. Putting them outdoors is not an option in the winter.

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