Watering system for indoor plants

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Installing an Indoor Watering System for Seedlings

Two seasons ago, hubby and I converted our breakfast nook into an indoor greenhouse. It is just too cold here in west central Colorado to start seeds outside without a really good greenhouse with heat — which we don’t have.Indoor Water System d I will write more on that in a later post. Problem was, I didn’t have a way of getting water to the flats of seeds. I had to take one flat at a time to the kitchen sink, lift a four pack out, add water to the flat and then let the water soak up through the four packs. Then I had to pack them back to the greenhouse. Considering we started out with four flats of peppers and four flats of tomatoes (each flat holds 12 four packs or 48 possible plants) and I planned to expand into flowers, herbs, and vegetables, I knew it would take a LOT of work to water that many flats.

In passing, I mentioned to my hubby that I wish I had some way to water everything while it was in the indoor greenhouse – so I did not have to carry them one by one to the kitchen sink. I could just see me carrying a full flat of freshly watered seedlings back and tripping and losing the whole kit and caboodle! “Ya know, like they have in the real nurseries, ” I said. Well, hubby dearest gets this little gleam in his eyes and said, “Let me think about it a bit.” We are very much a make it ourself type family and make do with what we have on hand. Within a day, he had come up with a watering system for my greenhouse complete with a watering wand that I can shut off at the wand!

This is sooooo cool and I’ll try to explain it as best as possible so that you can DIY or your hubby can do it.

Indoor garden advice

2010-10-16 11:38:53 by dilff

I am planning to start an indoor garden (easy vegetables like tomatoes / carrots etc). I have no green thumb whatsoever; I don't know anything about gardening or plants in general so this is going to be a big learning experience.
I have an extra room in my house where I'd like to set this up. I garbage picked an old bath tub and put some holes into for drainage. I have a bunch of packing peanuts that I plan to lay down as a drainage layer. I plan to lay the dirt over it, sprinkling in a layer of garden tone fertilizer about halfway deep. I also have some jiffy mix I am planning to mix into the top inch or so

Its a bigger project than you think

2008-06-27 07:35:39 by noname3

Hi Erin,
Hydroponics is more than you are expecting. As someone said its not just soaking roots in water.
Hydro uses a growing medium (rockwool, coconut mesh, etc) this allows the roots to spread as in soil.
Hydroponic solution is a concentrate that you mix with water (more dilute to start). There are different solutions for bloom or growth conditions. For herbs use grow as that will results in more greenery. pH is also important, you have to pH the solution appropriately to somewhere near neutral (7) but some plants need acidic or basic conditions

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