Starting Tomato Seeds Indoors

You want to start seeds in a sterile starting mix. No life. A combination of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite are the main sterile mediums used for staring seeds and growing transplants. This video clearly explains starting mixes and how to prepare them for your seeds.

Starting mixes may or may not have fertilizers in them. A lot of products do. If you make your own starting mix, you would want to add some sort of fertilizer. There are many choices. You can also skip the initial addition of fertilizer and use a water soluble fertilizer later. You can even do both. It is your choice.

Once you've made or chosen your seed starting mix, you want to purchase the supplies needed for starting seeds indoors. They are inexpensive and can be found at many places. If you can't find them locally, you can order them on-line. Whatever you choose to start your seeds in, you want to make sure the starting mix is pre-moisten and properly packed into your seed starting cells. Two steps that can make a huge difference toward successful germination.

Starting your seeds in dry mix or in loosely packed starting medium will inhibit or delay germination. It is really important to starts your seeds off properly and give them the greatest chance for timely germination.

Once you have your seed cells packed with starting mix, you are ready to add seeds. I recommend starting two tomato seeds per cell and thinning them to one once they grow their first 'True Leaves.'

These videos are only the first steps in getting your seeds started indoors. I will be doing future videos on lighting, feeding, watering and transplanting the seedlings in 2014.

Starting seeds indoors

2009-01-30 15:20:32 by dtrk

Just needing some pointers.
1) I am attempting to start growing veggies indoors from seeds
2) later to transplant outside in warmer weather
3) I plan to start them in rinsed out 2 leader soft drink containers and 1 gal milk jugs taking them out in warm sun and bring them indoors at night.
How deep do I put seeds in dirt, I was planning a spray bottle just to dampen dirt... any other ideals will be appreciated
I am starting tomato's, peppers, water melons and lettus from seeds.

Starting tomatoes from seeds

2006-02-26 11:09:29 by Brown_Eyed_Girl

Do I have to start tomato seeds indoors and then transplant later? I am planting them in containers, but the containers are far too big and heavy to start indoors and then move outside. Can they be started outdoors instead? Should I just buy some plants in a couple months and forget the seeds? I'm new at this. Thanks.

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