Starting Seedlings Indoors

Starting seedlings indoors

Here are tips from The Old Farmer's Almanac on how to start your seeds indoors.

  • Team up with a neighbor for starting seeds, since a packet often yields much more than you will need.
  • Don't start your seeds too early, especially tomatoes! Most annual flowers and vegetables should be sown indoors about 6 weeks before the last frost in your area.
  • You may have to soak, scratch, or chill seeds before planting, as directed on packet.
  • Use clean containers. Most seed catalogs offer seedling flats, peat pots, and other growing containers, but egg carton compartments make good containers, too. Be sure to poke holes in the sides near the bottom of the containers you use.
  • Label your containers now! There's nothing more frustrating than forgetting what you planted.
  • Fill clean containers with seedling mix. Use soilless peat moss and mix in equal parts vermiculite and perlite to hold enough water and allow oxygen to flow. Don't use potting soil.
  • Pour soilless mix into a large bucket and moisten with warm water. Fill your containers to just below the rim.
  • Plant your seeds according to your seed packet. Most seeds can simply be gently pressed into the mixture; you can use the eraser end of a pencil to push in seeds.

Seed Tip: When planting seeds, plant the largest seeds in the package to get the best germination rate.

Starting seedlings indoors

2008-11-30 14:32:13 by JeanWall

I'm new to this forum and am seeking info on lighting requirements to start seedlings(heirloom toms/peppers/eggplant indoors and take them from seed to ground ready(~60-65 days).I'm looking to cover a 7X11 foot area
have checked with specialty stores and of course they want to sell you expensive 1000W systems. That's rather out of my price range and I'm really concerned that that much wattage would blow fuses or start a fire .
any input would be appreciated
Jean Wall

Fluorescent tubes for starting seedlings

2010-08-03 16:31:05 by -

If you are starting seedlings indoors a 4-foot shoplight that you buy at the big box does very well.
Get the bluest tubes you can.
Get the 40 watt tubes--not the 32 watt tubes.
Set the lights as close to the trays as you can.
After the sprouts are about 4-inches to 6-inches tall, a fluorescent light will not power your growth.
You can move the seedlings to sunlight or you can use an HID growlight to get fruit/vegetables indoors.

Indoor Seed Starting

2008-01-03 18:13:28 by MarleeGirlsMom

Is anybody starting seeds indoors this year? I am planing on using an old aquarium (it cracked) that has a florescent light to start some seedlings i am going to plant in toilet paper roll "makeshift" pots i made. I wondering if anyone else was getting a jump start on the garden and what their ideas and methods were, especially if there were any ideas better than my own or critics that i could use to better my methods. (I am obviously a beginner... but last years garden was a hit)
Just for kicks i ordered Orange cauliflower, broccoli, head lettuce, swiss chard, and red baron onion seeds to get me going.

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Starting Seedlings Indoors
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