Plants you can grow indoors

Fresh salad all winter.You don’t need a hydroponic growing system to have fresh homegrown food even as the snow falls.

Some vegetables need less light than others, some do not need to be pollinated, and others don’t need the heat of summer.

1. Greens
Pretty versatile and undemanding, greens are easy to grow indoors and do not require much space or light. Since they are a ‘cut and come again’ crop, you can harvest what you need all winter long.

2. Herbs
A kitchen window sill is a common place to find a few herbs growing. Since many grow like weeds, they are tough enough to have indoors.
Basil may be a little finicky, but others herbs like parsley are easy to have fresh all winter. Note that although dill can grow indoors, it can get pretty tall. Be sure to keep it pinched back for a more compact, bushier plant.

The final touch.3. Radishes

Talk about fast and easy and radishes come straight to mind. The more compact varieties need very little room, and can be ready to enjoy in just a few weeks.

4. Garlic

You can tuck a few garlic cloves in with your houseplants and use the tops for a fresh garlic taste throughout the off season. Keep them moist until they sprout, then just harvest the tops sparingly as they grow.

5. Peas

As another cool-weather crop, peas don’t need long warm days to grow. They pollinate themselves, so that is also not an issue.
Vining or pole type peas, as many varieties are, can be problematic indoors. Unless of course you have room for an 8 ft. tall plant.

Instead choose a bush variety, or as is the case with this cultivar from Agway, a pole type that only gets to be about 3 ft. high.

These are just a few of the plants that you can grow indoors because they do not need to be pollinated and require less light and heat.
Take a look at any seed catalog for more ideas, depending on how much room and time you have to dedicate to an indoor garden.

Now I must admit that other than the garlic greens, we have gotten away from growing indoors over the last few years.

If you water it, whatever is there will grow.

2012-02-11 15:30:55 by Paradachs

As well as whatever seeds are in the soil. You can dig around the edges, but since the soil is poor you would probably be better served by making some raised beds, using free materials you can find easily on CL like used lumber, rocks, landscaping bricks etc. and filling with a better quality soil. Plant perrenials, they come back year after year, as base plantings and switch it up with different annuals as accents every year. Most flowers are easy to grow from seeds, you can start them indoors and transplant when it is safe for them. Select plants that are suitable for your climate and the location, for example you will not want to plant hostas in an area with full sun and no daisys in the shade

If you are growing stuff in Las Vegas,

2009-04-06 06:57:48 by eatfruit

You can notice that most of the foliage in the City are done by the Casinos. They water heavily and usually use the shade and bunched up groups so that things are humid around the plants.
You can grow alfalpha sprouts almost anytime indoors. You best bet is to see if anyone has a garden and copy their ideas since Las Vegas is a peculiar growing area.

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