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The Power Plant in 2008. Credit: Preservation Research Office.Michael R. Allen

Part 2 of our guest series on the remarkable transformation of a hospital power plant in St. Louis. Last week detailed how the hospital complex developed; today's post explores its expansion phase in the early 20th century. Read the series to date.

The Power Plant in 2008.

Modernizing St. Louis' City Hospital and the Power Plant Building

Overcrowding at the City Hospital led the city’s Hospital Commission to find funding as early as 1930 to expand the facility. With a variety of bond issues backing the project, the first buildings planned were a new psychiatric ward for City Hospital, the Malcolm Bliss Psychopathic Hospital, and a new modern power plant.

The interior of the Power Plant in 2000. Credit: Lynn Josse for the City Hospital Historic District National Register of Historic Places nomination.A grant from the Public Words Administration in 1939 allowed Albert Osburg, Chief Architect of the Board of Public Service, to design a master plan for the hospital’s growth that included a 14-story addition, completed in 1942 as the Tower Building, as well as Laundry and Ancillary Services buildings. (The designs of all of the buildings designed in the 1930s can be attributed to Osburg given his supervising role in the Board of Public Service, although plans do not always list the name of any architect.)

The interior of the Power Plant in 2000. Photo taken for the City Hospital Historic District National Register of Historic Places nomination.

In his service to city government, Osburg supervised the design of many significant public buildings. One of Osburg’s early works was the plan for Soulard Market (1928), which derived its Renaissance Revival design from Brunelleschi’s renowned Foundling Hospital in Florence. Osburg embraced the Art Deco movement in American architecture in designing Depression-era public buildings, including a series of six one-story police district stations built between 1936 and 1938 and four community centers in African-American neighborhoods funded by a 1934 bond issue.

View toward the Power Plant during the City Hospital modernization project. Credit: Preservation Research Office. West elevation as drawn on the plans for the Power Plant. Credit: Board of Public Service, City of St. Louis. Cross section of Power Plant showing the spatial divisions inside. Credit: Board of Public Service, City of St. Louis. The City Hospital after modernization and expansion in 1941. Credit: Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine
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Oh all sorts

2005-10-09 14:24:57 by newgardener

Of plants... but yes, all houseplants so in small containers.
I just wanted to hang them outside the window in spring- you know? Make the window look pretty in the spring.
I have a gardenia, a couple of vines, jasmine, bunch of herbs etc etc. you get the picture.
I have a few hanging inside the apt, but my question is, can this be done outside the window or is it a public safety hazard and/or a building violation?
From doing more research, I see that you can get hanging racks, planters etc for hanging over railings and windows, but is it safe and legal to do so from a 6th floor window that looks out onto street/avenue?
Do NY-ers who live in rental buildings hang plants outside their window if they live high up? Been trying to notice- but only see 2nd or 3rd...

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