Planting an indoor herbs Garden

Despite the cold, snowy weather, I still want to cook with fresh herbs. It can be a challenge to maintain an indoor herb garden in a Kansas winter, but not impossible! It’s important for herbs to have proper drainage and lots of light. I love my cottage kitchen, but it doesn’t offer a lot of space for plants, so I created hanging planters for my herbs. This project takes just 10-15 minutes {mostly painting}.

You’ll need:


plastic container that drains

plastic container that holds draining container


3M Command Hooks {on my must have craft supply list}


paint brush

I purchased my herbs for just a few dollars each – already in a draining container and an outer plastic container as shown. Below, is the inner container.

Step 1: drill hole

Step 2: paint

Step 3: hang your command hook

Step 4: hang your plant

Yes, it’s that simple! It’s easy to remove your herbs for watering and to grant them more light, if needed, but convenient for snipping!

If you don’t tend to use fresh herbs, you may want to add some succulents. They’re easy to care for and it’s always nice to add something organic to your kitchen.

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They don't naturally avoid plants that are bad

2007-02-01 18:07:39 by Schnitzie

For them. Someone on here recently had a major health crisis when kitty ate some lilies from a bouquet. I pretty much stopped having houseplants once my kitties showed an interest in eating Philodendron.
If you really want some green in the house, without having to worry about the kitties, Plant some pots with catnip and wheatgrass.
Kitties love it, (especially wheat grass), and it will be a nice distraction for the kitty. Make *her* patch as inviting as possible -- maybe design it with a perching place (with towel to lay down on), so she can enjoy the sun and nibble on her pots of wheat grass and catnip

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