Planting Amaryllis bulbs indoors

No Chilling Required

The following bulbs are the easiest to force into bloom because they don't require a chilling period:

Chilling Required

The following varieties are recommended for forcing:

Most of the large-flowered varieties force well.

All varieties force well.

Select double-nosed bulbs for more blooms.

Source: Bulbs: Four Seasons of Beautiful Blooms by Lewis and Nancy Hill, Storey Communications, 1994.

Chilling Time

The list below recommends the number of weeks of chilling required, followed by the number of weeks until bloom (in parentheses).

Source: The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

Growing bulbs indoors lets you enjoy the colors and fragrance of spring when it's still months away. The key to success with indoor bulbs is to plan ahead.

Many people don't realize that there are two types of bulbs for indoor growing: those you need to chill and those you don't. Here's how to tell the difference.

Bulbs That Don't Need Chilling

These bulbs are native to warm climates, so they don't require a cooling period to trigger blooms. Amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus both belong in this category.

You can grow these bulbs in a pot filled with soil, or just place them in a shallow bowl and use pebbles to hold the bulbs in place. Add water, and they'll usually bloom just four weeks after "planting". To help keep stems short and sturdy, start them out with indirect light and temperatures of about 50 degrees F. for the first two weeks, then warmer, brighter conditions after that. If you're growing your bulbs in a bowl with pebbles or marbles, the water should cover no more than the bottom quarter to third of the bulb.

Paperwhites offer delicate beauty and an intense fragrance. Buy a couple dozen paperwhite bulbs and store them in a cool, dry place. Start some every few weeks for blooms right through February.

Bulbs That Need Chilling Amaryllis Flowering basket Paperwhites
Merry Christmas Amaryllis - Pink - Indoor - Set of 2 bulbs ~ Indoor Garden ~ Blooms 30 days from planting ~
Lawn & Patio ()
  • This do it yourself project lets you grow flowers indoors during the winter
  • Create a festive floral arrangement or holiday boquet
  • Instead of buying cut flowers, save money and grow your own.
  • Candy painted pink Flowers bloom quickly within 30 - 50 days
  • Great for people who love pink, Water once a week. Grow indoors

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If you really want some green in the house, without having to worry about the kitties, Plant some pots with catnip and wheatgrass.
Kitties love it, (especially wheat grass), and it will be a nice distraction for the kitty. Make *her* patch as inviting as possible -- maybe design it with a perching place (with towel to lay down on), so she can enjoy the sun and nibble on her pots of wheat grass and catnip

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Planting an Amaryllis Bulb Indoors

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Indoor Amaryllis Red Lion in Plastic Pot
Lawn & Patio ()
  • Botanical Name : Hippeastrum
  • Produces 2-3 flowers per stem
  • Bulb is easy to plant and easy to grow
  • Planting and care instructions included
  • Blooms in 6-8 weeks Amaryllis Cherry Crush - 28/30cm Bulb
Lawn & Patio (
  • Pencil striped red petals with soft green ribbing
  • Expect 4 to 6 flowers per stem and multiple stems, 20-24 tall
  • Excellent for indoor flowers, easy care
  • Extra large 28/30cm bulbs for more blooms
  • Flowers 40-60 days from planting indoors
Imported from Holland CHRISTMAS BLOOMING ~Easiest variety to grow ~ Candy Cane Red and White Amaryllis ~ FREE gift wrapping on all orders in a zebra print gift bag
Kitchen (Imported from Holland)
  • An elegant, festive decoration or gift at an affordable price
  • Easy to Grow, Blooms within 30 days of planting it
  • Simple to follow 1-2-3 growing directions enclosed
  • Grow indoors
  • Bulb is about the size of a softball ~ 30cm around
Grown in the southern hemisphere - Peru Amaryllis ~ Set of 2 ~ Brazilian Samba ~ Red & White Flowers
Lawn & Patio (Grown in the southern hemisphere - Peru)
  • Two Amaryllis Flower Bulbs.
  • Celebrate Flowers by Growing Some Indoors.
  • Easy to Grow.
  • Grow indoors
  • Flowers appear 4 - 8 weeks after planting

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