Indoor terrarium plants

Indoor terrariumA terrarium is a great way to grow your own miniature forest indoors! Kids will love to help create this cool living craft project, and watering the plants is a great way to give kids some extra responsibility. If you'd like to add a little greenery to your home, then gather the kids and get your hands dirty to make this indoor terrarium craft!

What you'll need:

  • a large glass fish bowl
  • 2-3 small plants
  • gravel
  • several medium stones
  • a few larger stones
  • moss
  • scissors
  • small plastic animals or insects

What you'll do:

Start by pouring a layer of small gravel in the bottom of the fish bowl. Save a couple handfuls of gravel to use on top of the soil later.

What you'll need for terrariumCut a piece of burlap that is just a little bit smaller than the bowl. Lay the burlap on top of the gravel. The burlap will stop the soil from falling down into the gravel and help the terrarium drain properly.

Remove one of your plants from its pot. Break apart the soil to loosen it, then set the plant in the bowl.

Add the remaining plants to the bowl. Be sure to leave a little space between each plant to give it room to grow.

Sprinkle the rest of the gravel over the top of the soil.

Terrarium gravelCut out pieces of the moss. Cut the moss out in free-form, natural shapes. Use the moss to cover any parts of the soil that are still exposed.

Next, add in the larger rocks throughout the terrarium.

Add any decorations to the terrarium. You can use fake insects or flowers, or you can use small plastic dinosaurs or other animals to turn the terrarium into a miniature forest.

Terrarium tips

  • Be sure to set the terrarium in a sunny place where it will get lots of light.
  • Water the terrarium periodically, but be careful not to over-water. A spray bottle is a good way to water the plants without getting the soil too saturated.
Terrarium burlap Terrarium plants Terrarium plants Terrarium gravel on soil

Recomm. for shade loving plants...

2010-05-16 04:11:08 by Yah-IliveinMinnesota

It sounds like you just have an indoor garden....?
In my shady cool spots in the yard I have had great luck with 'False Nettles'. They produce lovely small blooms that last most of the 'pleasant time of year' here. They are very prolific, so you won't need to buy a lot of them. Unless you are somewhat impatient, like me, to get a nice blanket of them going. They come in a couple different color blooms. I have the white and purple variety.
A very attractive varigated leaf as well.
Good luck.

Good indoor plants for *sunny* windows?

2005-03-13 10:40:59 by NoDriedLeavesPlease

I have a couple windows that get a few hours of direct sun in the late afternoon. I had put my shade-loving indoor plants (from my previous apartment) there, and after a while they got all dried out (OK so maybe I didn't water them more than when I'd kept em in the shade).
Someone told me that any outdoor plants can be kept near a sunny indoor window. But someone else said that only cactuses can survive in sunny indoor windows.
PS the plant will be a couple feet away from the window, but still in direct sunlight.
*Any* recommendations are most welcome! Can plants like Chinese lantern, other flowering plants, do OK? I don't really want a cactus.

Hibiscus burnt leaves

2004-06-22 11:53:51 by cdub

Got three nice size hibuscus in large pots who have spent most of the past year in a shady patio. So they are kinda leggy.
I brought them home and put them in an area that gets mostly shade, but then some late afternoon sun. After about four days, a lot of the leaves look sunburnt and leathery. I just read that I should sprinkle leaves top and bottom in the hotter afternoons. I noticed also when I brought my 1 gal indoor hibiscuses outdoors after their first bloom get them acclimated to the outdoors, they also got sunburned. These ARE sun loving plants? or not? None of my plants seem to like the sun at all

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