Indoor plants that cause allergies

Sexual allergies

There are allergies to seminal fluid (sperm), to the pill, the coil, spermicides and lubricating products.

Allergies to seminal fluid (sperm)

This exceptionally rare allergy but can cause severe symptoms such as hives or angioedema.
  • The symptoms begin in general a few minutes after ejaculation and cause vaginal itching and or skin rashes where skin has been in contact with sperm.
  • It is the surface of the sperm that is responsible for causing the allergy.
  • The symptoms can worsen over time in a sexual relationship and can cause rhinitis, asthma, angioedema or anaphylactic shock.
  • Tests carried out on the sperm of a partner , after having checked the absence of viral infection, can confirm the diagnosis.
  • The use of condoms, practice of coitus interruptus or abstinence can improve the situation.
  • A new method consisting in carrying out artificial insemination with the partrner's sperm washed beforehand is used to induce pregnancy.

Allergy to wine

  • Allergy to wine touches approximately 0.2% of the population.
  • It is mainly caused by sulphites
  • It can cause sneezing, breathlessness, wheezing and skin rash symptoms occur after having drunk wine.
  • Allergy to Ethanol (alcohol) can cause the same symptoms as wine. It is usually an intolerance to ethanol that causes the symptoms.
  • Grapes can also cause allergic symptoms.
  • The products used for wine making, like tannins, can also cause reactions.

Eczema by proxy

Some reactions can occur where a substance is transmitted by another person.: for example a man presenting a facial eczema caused by an allergy to nail varnish used by his partner; or a man presenting a form of urticaria on his abdomen because of an allergy to his wife's new hair dye.

Allergy to the handle of a toothbrush

The origin of a rather debilitating eczema around the mouth may be caused by the handle of a toothbrush used daily.

Allergy transmitted by kissing

Allergies transmitted by kissing are often observed. They concern food or medication, like antibiotics or anti inflammatory medication. A person can develop allergic symptoms by kissing a partner who has just eaten food or taken a medication to which he is allergic.

Allergy to house plants

  • House plants can also cause allergic symptoms
  • They are more frequently used in professional places, at florists, nursery gardeners, horticulturists and landscape designers.
  • They can cause asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis or eczema .

The most frequent plants in question

  • Ficus benjamina (presenting a cross-reacitve allergy with latex)
  • Cyperus allternifolius (papyrus)
  • Anthurium, Philodendron and primulas cause skin reactions when their leaves are touched.
  • Poinsettia
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Yucca

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