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She buys some plants instead! I should say I'm not a "plant lady" The two plants I purchased at Plant'It Earth are the first two plants I've ever bought in my life. I think. . .

I've been meaning to buy a plant at Plant'It Earth for a while but, I got busy with this and that, and then time went by and I just sort of put the plant thing on the back burner.

Fast forward to two days ago, I was coming down from an exceptionally bad three day chocolate binge. I was feeling bad, working too hard, and just boo hooing about everything. Suddenly out of nowhere, my Plant Universe Ray of Sunshine Guardian Angel (aka Erin W.) sensed I needed a lift. No, we had not been in contact, he's just intuitive like that. Erin told me he had set a special plant aside for me. A ginger plant. A ginger plant?! I love ginger!

I ended up purchasing a smaller bird of paradise that I brought home yesterday. I went back today to pick up my other "baby" the ginger plant.

I can sort of relate to Angelina Jolie now. . .it's as if I adopted these two plants to care for and love as my own. Who knows what would have come of them? Actually, had they stayed at the store, they would have been cared for by the greatest staff of plant lovers ever. Brook, Juila, and then everyone else I had contact with at Plant'It Earth are great! They even play Prince which I'm sure helps with plant growth.

They have a toy turtle collection by the buddha alter. There was one bobble-head like turtle that when I shook, it looked like it was grooving to Prince.

I named the two new additions Biba (the bird of paradise) and Marcel (the ginger plant). They look fabulous in my home and we all rock out to Prince together.

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Indoors or outside?

2004-12-09 08:24:23 by gardenerTim

You're talking about indoor plants? Get friendly with the neighbors, or hire a neighbor-kid.
I guess, even in San Diego it does get cold at night? Otherwise, you could put them in a protected corner, where the sprinklers might hit them.
Here (near San Francisco), we usually turn the sprinklers off at this time of year. I water some of my plants by hand every week or two, if that....

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