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The "Shamrock" is a common gift plant for St. Patrick's Day, whether you're Irish or not. Officially, the shamrock is a yellow-flowered clover or trefoil (Trifolium dubium), the national emblem of Ireland. But these clovers are difficult to grow indoors, so nurseries and florists often substitute the common three-leafed Oxalis as a potted remembrance of Ireland's patron Saint on March 17. These little pots of green are a fine tribute to St. Patrick and can be kept as a houseplant long after the celebrations have ended.
he common Oxalis is a member of the Wood Sorrel family of plants (Oxalidaceae) which contains over 300 species. Most of the species grow from small bulbs but some are produced from tuberous roots and others arise form creeping root stalks. Most Oxalis have three, sour-tasting, rounded, green leaves which grow at the end of delicate stems. Some Oxalis, however, have triangular-shaped leaves or leaves with various tinges of purple or brown. One particularly handsome species has deep red leaves, each marked with a dark line across the center. Whatever the number or whatever their color and shape, most Oxalis plants fold their leaves up at night, hugging them tight to the stems until the next day's dawning light draws them out to their full spread again.

Oxalis have flowers that may be white, pink or purple, yellow or red. Oxalis purpurea, the Cape Oxalis is commonly used as a houseplant and has white flowers. Another white-flowered species, Oxalis regnellii, has triangular shaped leaves that are green on top and purple underneath and grow from a tuberous root. Oxalis stricta, and Oxalis corniculata are both weedy species of Oxalis that have small yellow flowers. These plants occur in fields or along roadsides throughout the Maritimes and can invade home gardens where they grow quickly and tend to choke out crops and ornamentals. Oxalis deppei is a red flowered Oxalis native to Mexico. Oxalis rubra, the window box Oxalis, has pink flowers. This species is native to Brazil but is often grown as a houseplant in northern climates because it flowers so well throughout the winter months.

Plant Care:

Oxalis grow best in full sun. They should be kept uniformly moist, in humid conditions, well away from drafty locations. If the plant dries out or is exposed to dry air or cold drafts, it will soon lose leaves and will be slow to produce daughter bulbs or flowers. If the plant is kept too wet, the bulbs or tubers will rot.

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Advice sought for indoor office plants

2009-10-21 15:09:27 by woodswoman

I know this isn't about an outdoor garden, but I'm wondering if you plant folks might have some advice.
We have two potted plants in our office. Based on searching photos on the web, we think they are Janet Craigs:
They are each about six feet tall and were doing pretty well until our office move about eight months ago. They are in a spot away from natural light, because unfortunately there isn't a good spot for them near the windows.
At first they had lots of new growth, but now many of the leaves are turning brown

Help me NOT kill my office plant!

2010-05-05 14:59:55 by IHaveABrownThumb

I recently started a new job. As a welcoming gift they bought me a small live plant. (Actually, several small plants in a 9" bowl that's about 3-4" deep.) Problem is, my office has no windows or natural light at all. It's typical fluorescent office light, or complete darkness.
On Friday evening I move the plant to a common area that has a window, and I return it to my office on Monday morning. I water it regularly, keeping the mossy soil damp (but not wet). This past weekend I bought a pack of fertilizer spikes for indoor plants and, as per the instructions, inserted four of them into the pot

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