Indoor plants lights and Stands

Ever wish you had more space or sunlight for your plants? A grow light stand can be the ideal solution, combining the space you need with the right kind of light that plants require.

Many of these plant stands with lights offer multi-tiered shelves to hold your whole plant collection or seed-starting trays. Plant stands sometimes have up to 3 plant trays with built-in light fixtures and reflectors. An easy way to install a light garden, these all-in-one fixtures also brighten up and add a focal point to a room.

Grow Light Stands

Combining the latest in energy-efficient lighting technology and a new, slimmer profile, the is sure to bring out the best in your seedlings, herbs and house plants.

This lightweight fixture has a slimmer, space-saving profile with pull chains for easy height adjustment, giving your plants room to grow.

Two T-5 bulbs offer full-spectrum light, yet use 45% less energy than standard fluorescent bulbs. A watertight tray is included to protect your furniture.

Now it's easier than ever to give your potted herbs and small house plants all the light they need for healthy, vigorous growth year-round.

This provides bright, full-spectrum light with high-efficiency, energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.

The sturdy aluminum stand has pull chains for easy height control -- raise the light fixture to give plants more headroom when they need it.

An attractive black finish and compact footprint makes this grow light ideal for your countertop or kitchen island.

If you've tried starting seeds under shop lights, you'll be surprised at how much better they grow in a SunLite Garden. Not only are the lights much brighter than regular fluorescent tubes, they also easily adjust up and down so you can keep them just the right height above the plants.

This is ideal for starting all types of seeds and provides optimum conditions for sun-loving flowering house plants like orchids and hibiscus.

If you're new to starting seeds, why not start out right? The new, ultra-light fixtures have a slimmer profile to give plants more room. They measure a full 14" wide to ensure even light coverage across each shelf. Inside, there are two T-5 bulbs that produce an abundance of brilliant, full-spectrum light. These bulbs use 45% less energy than standard fluorescent bulbs and provide up to 10, 000 hours of use. All fixtures have their own pull-chains for easy height adjustments and electronic ballasts to eliminate any annoying buzzing.

Wrong. Plants grow significantly faster

2009-12-15 14:13:49 by sailorgreg

With added CO2. Ask any indoor pot farmer.
"Last time I checked carbon is not a limiting factor for plant growth"
You need to look up photosynthesis. CO2 + water + sunlight is what plants have to have to grow.
In the past CO2 levels where 10 times as high as now and we were in a great ice age both times. Plants remove CO2 from the air.

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