Indoor plants grow in water

Indoor Plant DecorCold weather bids us to take our gardening indoors lest we freeze our plump, pink cheeks. But as anyone who’s ever received a houseplant will attest, the first question that usually comes to mind isn’t, “How do I grow it?” Instead, it’s, “What do I do with this dang thing?” Well, glorioski, finally there’s a book that shows dozens of easy, affordable, and stylish ways to display houseplants in your home — Indoor Plant Decor.

Indoor Plant Decor — The Design Stylebook for Houseplants (St. Lynn’s Press, $16.95) is written and largely photographed by two of Grumpy’s dear friends, who have promised him nothing for his endorsement beyond your basic two weeks at the St. Regis Bora Bora (plus airfare and leis). Garden blogger Kylee Baumle hails from the frozen tundra of northwest Ohio, accessible in winter only by ham radio and ski plane.Indoor Plant Decor her groove on in the warmer climes of Funky Town — also known as Austin, Texas — where she runs J. Peterson Garden Design.

What’s Your Style?

To get both beginning and veteran gardeners started, Kylee and Jenny identify eight different design styles you might want to try. Then they match plants with containers to make it happen.Indoor Plant Decor , ” “World Beat, ” “Traditional Mix, ” “Modern Eclectic, ” and “Haberdashery.” Grumpy would have added chapters on “Plastic Paradise” and “Totally Toilet, ” but you can’t have everything.

Great Ideas I Would Actually Try

Indoor Plant DecoreMany garden books present ideas so extravagant (covering the entire facade of a cottage with clipped boxwood for Christmas) or so time-consuming (polishing and painting the insides of acorn caps) that they intimidate the average gardener. In Indoor Plant Decor, however, Kylee and Jenny offer really cool, step-by-step projects so easy and quick that even Hoda and Kathy Lee could succeed. Look at the Tabletop Water Garden above. All you basically need are a glass bowl, water, activated charcoal, pebbles, and some water plants. Done in 10 minutes! Looks great! Why didn’t I think of that? (‘Cause I’m too busy exploring Bora Bora. Oh, cabana boy! Another rum drink!)

Here’s another project from the “Peaceful Zen” chapter that focuses on using earth elements and bold, single plants to create simple, serene, yet striking compositions. Above is a Kokedama (Japanese moss ball) composed of a nothing more than a staghorn fern, potting soil, sheet moss, and twine to hang it from a hook in the ceiling. (Grumpy drew the flowers in back using a porcupine quill dipped in pokeweed juice.)

Indoor Plant Decor Indoor Plant Decor Indoor Plant Decor Indoor Plant Decor

Wrong. Plants grow significantly faster

2009-12-15 14:13:49 by sailorgreg

With added CO2. Ask any indoor pot farmer.
"Last time I checked carbon is not a limiting factor for plant growth"
You need to look up photosynthesis. CO2 + water + sunlight is what plants have to have to grow.
In the past CO2 levels where 10 times as high as now and we were in a great ice age both times. Plants remove CO2 from the air.

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