Indoor plants for Narrow spaces

Selecting plants for small spaces can be one the trickiest things about designing an interior green space. Often times we find a corner that nothing will fit in and figure, “Well, I will just put a plant there”. Here are a couple of narrow, low light plants that will allow you to ditch that faux ficus you’ve had since Prince was the artist formerly known as.

Kentia Palm

(Howea forsteriana)

If you are trying to emulate Paris 1920 the Kentia palm is the way to go. It has the look of a traditional tropical palm but this Lord Howe native differs from your traditional palm because it can handle lower light. A filtered eastern window is ideal to keep this palm strong and dark green. . Humidity is a must for these palms, put on your best empire waist silk robe and mist in the morning with your cup of café.

Black Coral Snake Plant

(Sansevieria trifasciata ‘ Black Coral ‘)

Snake plant, Mother-In-Law Tongue, what ever you prefer, it should be this plant. Often discounted because they are so common, Sansevieria, are one of the best house plants. Not only are they easy to care for only requiring water once a month, they are one of the best air filtering plants. They can handle low light and are great for tight spaces because of their vertical growth pattern. So yeah, you see them at the mall but they compliment modern interiors like nothing else. Planted in groups they resemble rows of oversized grass blades and add a touch of green to the most austere interiors.

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Corn plant growth?

2005-08-14 15:02:14 by dantm

I'd be interested to know how the typical indoor type corn plants can grow in size. The plant is called "Dracaena Massangeana" and a link of it is here:
From my experience with them they will grow additional leaves at the top but the trunk never gets bigger.
How can the trunks be grown on these, say from ~2 ft to 5+ ft or so?

"Corn Plant"

2007-01-07 14:14:33 by fedguy

Dracaena massangeana is a very common indoor plant, often referred to as the "corn plant". It lights bright indirect light, but will do pretty well in low light conditions.
All dracaena tend to lose lower leaves, and you can pull them off if they are brown or dried. The will also sprout from anywhere on the in good conditions, especially if the top is cut off. That is a common way to get a thick top, since one stem will often sprout into multiple new stems.
HOWEVER... this is not a good time of year to do any of that. Wait until Spring before doing anything major. Over the Winter, plants tend to rest.

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