Indoor plants Creeping Charlie

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Choose a decorative container that is slightly wider but twice as deep as your creeping Charlie root ball.

Step 2

Fill the bottom one-quarter with gravel or small stones to aid drainage.

Step 3

Mix equal amounts of potting soil and compost together. Add 1/4 cup of horticultural sand for every 5 cups of potting soil/compost mix. Make enough to fill the container.

Step 4

Fill the container with the potting soil/compost/sand mix leaving enough room for the creeping Charlie root ball. Plant the creeping Charlie at the same depth it was growing.

Step 5

Place your creeping Charlie in bright indirect sunlight or in a spot where it receives less than 3 hours of direct sun a day. The room should have temperatures between 65 to 75 degrees F. Be sure to rotate the plant one-quarter turn once a week to maintain even growth.

Step 6

Pinch back the tips of your creeping Charlie vines for a bushier plant. Do this once every 6 months to maintain the shape. Grasp a vine between your thumb and finger. Use your thumbnail to gently pinch the vine while applying a downward pressure. You can also use a small pair of scissors for this. Do not remove more than one-half of the plant at any time.

Step 7

Use scissors to snip off dead or dying vines. Cut the vine back either to the crown or 1 to 2 inches into healthy growth.

Step 8

Keep your creeping Charlie's soil evenly moist. Allow the top 1/4 to 1/2 inch to dry slightly before watering.

Step 9

Fertilize with a water-soluble general purpose houseplant food once a month from March/April through September/October. Follow package directions for rate of application.

Step 10

Repot your creeping Charlie every other year or if you think it is becoming root-bound (the roots are growing out of the drainage hole or circling the inside of the pot). Mix new potting medium every time you repot. Only move up a pot size if the plant is increasing in size; otherwise just replace the soil.

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Chinese evergreen...

2005-03-23 15:11:07 by -

Here's a picture/description (note "low light"):
(I have something similar but with solid green leaves. They've thrived for 4 years in an office and bathroom with almost ZERO light. And while I love having plants around, I hate gardening - IOW, they've survived my benign neglect!)
Ficus does fairly well in our low-light conditions; but it does "trope" towards light - suggesting it wants more than we normally offer (we turn ficus plants often to give each branch at least a hint of light

Totally new to plants-- needs help

2010-05-17 13:56:18 by nathnlmb

I'm totally new to plants, and the CL forum, so I hope I know how to get responses on this--
I'm thinking about getting a plant for my apt.. but I want to get the right one--- From the little looking into I've done, I've learned that some plants can help your air quality? Is this right?
Anyway, from pictures, I think I like the Chinese evergreen,and the "Chamaedorea palm"-- have no idea how to say that--- Any suggestions or resources of indoor plants are welcome--
Are the plants at Wal-mart just

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