Indoor Plants: Chinese Evergreen

Plant ID: Flowers & Indoor

Like a hunky boyfriend, Chinese evergreen strikes a balance between being tough and good looking. This versatile houseplant offers handsome foliage yet requires minimal care.


Chinese evergreen, also known as aglaonema, is a popular foliage plant in both homes and offices because it adds great interest in low-light areas.

The common name of Chinese evergreen collectively refers to 21 species of plants that are originally from Southeast Asia where they grow in tropical forests.

Some varieties have solid green leaves, but most cultivars have interesting variegation in shades of silver, gray, or light green.

Here are a few popular cultivars from the University of Florida breeding program:

  • 'Moonlight Bay' is a medium green with bold silver markings.
  • 'Emerald Bay' has silvery-green leaves with darker dapples along the margins.
  • 'Diamond Bay' has light green foliage with solid green margins.
  • 'Stripes' has foliage tthat alternates in bands of green and silver.

The long, narrow leaves can reach up to two feet long, and the plants themselves typically grow one to three feet tall and equally as wide.

The plants aren't conspicuous bloomers, but they can produce flowers that resemble a peace lily (made up of a spathe and spadix). It's recommended that flowers be removed in order to prevent production of unattractive berries.

Planting and Care

Chinese evergreen plants are best grown indoors, since they prefer temperatures in the range of 68 to 77 degrees (though they can tolerate temperatures down to 55 degrees). They can be grown in areas that receive medium to low light.

Plant them in a rich potting media and water them only when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. These plants have low water requirements so it's important not to overwater, which may trigger other problems.

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Chinese evergreen...

2005-03-23 15:11:07 by -

Here's a picture/description (note "low light"):
(I have something similar but with solid green leaves. They've thrived for 4 years in an office and bathroom with almost ZERO light. And while I love having plants around, I hate gardening - IOW, they've survived my benign neglect!)
Ficus does fairly well in our low-light conditions; but it does "trope" towards light - suggesting it wants more than we normally offer (we turn ficus plants often to give each branch at least a hint of light

Totally new to plants-- needs help

2010-05-17 13:56:18 by nathnlmb

I'm totally new to plants, and the CL forum, so I hope I know how to get responses on this--
I'm thinking about getting a plant for my apt.. but I want to get the right one--- From the little looking into I've done, I've learned that some plants can help your air quality? Is this right?
Anyway, from pictures, I think I like the Chinese evergreen,and the "Chamaedorea palm"-- have no idea how to say that--- Any suggestions or resources of indoor plants are welcome--
Are the plants at Wal-mart just

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