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Zebra cactus (Haworthia attenuate) belongs to aloe family. Identified by white bands on under sides of leaves, Zebra cactus is a low maintenance indoor plant. Upper side of leaves has white dots all over it. Like aloe it is a succulent which stores water in its foliage. The stem is a rosette on the base from which leaves come out.


You can propagate a Zebra Plant by taking cutting from a healthy houseplant in the spring or summer and placing it directly into a new planting pot. Use a rooting hormone for increasing chances of success.

Pups (offshoots) formed at the base of the plant, can be used for propagating the plant. Detach the pups from mother plant and plant in suitable potting media. To reduce stress takes the pups in spring or autumn when plant is not actively growing.


Use fast draining soil mixture consists of loam and sand. Or purchase potting mix available for cacti from market.

Sun / Temperature

Zebra plants in indirect sun light. So place your plant in a shaded location. Too much direct sun light can scorch the plant leaves. It can’t tolerate extreme low temperatures so bring your Zebra cactus inside in winter.


Water the plant regularly in summer when it is too hot. Cut down the watering in winter to twice a week. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. It is also important to not over water the zebra cactus as it doesn’t like standing water.

Mist zebra cactus regularly or every other day as it is a humidity loving plant. You can use water filled pebble tray for that.


Feed weekly during summer with liquid fertilizer or use slow-release pellets at beginning of every growing season.

Good apartment plants?

2007-03-22 10:17:00 by AFLT

I have an apartment and currently I have a "lucky" bamboo that is barely hanging on for it's life and I was wondering about getting a few other plants that might do well in pots. I've had peacelilies before and they are relatively easy to not kill but was wanting some other ideas that makes for good indoor plants. Also I would like some nice flowering plants that might work well for the deck outside. I doubt I will get any direct sunlight or just a little during the summer after the leaves begin to grow. My biggest concern is getting a plant that is easy to care for. ANy suggestions?

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