Indoor Bamboo plants in Pots

bamboo in pots

Food and Water

In containers, bamboo is your prisoner - have some humanity.

Spring is when the fast growing, new shoots of Running Bamboo emerge. Summer is shooting time for Clumping Bamboo. Bamboo is a grass, so use a slow release fertilizer for foliage plants. 'Osmocote Plus' is good, the 'plus' stands for trace elements, these help a lot. Look, we know organic is best. Do it your way. Just do it Georgia do it!

Spring and summer, feed a small amount each month, rather than a lot at once.

In fact never feed a lot, it burns the bamboo and leaches into the waterways where lots, from lots of people makes water bad.

One more time.
Because growth is rapid bamboo should be fed regularly over the growing season. In pots the root zone should be kept moist. Not wet


Troughs can squeeze in along narrow passageways and on balconies.

Bamboo can happily grow in a narrow planter, minimum width around 250mm (10"), because the bamboo roots will grow throughout the length of the trough.

Ensure that the trough is watered evenly and that it is raised from the ground to ensure good drainage.

What about repotting your bamboo

When your pot is just full of roots and it takes forever to water and its never enough, it's probably re-potting time. You can divide the plant at this time. Just saw the root-ball with a hand saw.

The first concern is to keep the roots moist while work is underway.
1st. Soak the root-ball in water for a few hours. This will fully hydrate the bamboo.
- Saw off the bottom 10% of the root-ball. This will encourage new growth.
You can saw off some of the side roots if required to fit into the new pot.
- Ensure good drainage through the drainage holes in the new container.
- Use a premium grade potting mix. To buffer the bamboo against drying out you can include a 30 mm layer of hydrated, water crystals mixed with potting mix around 50 mm (2"), from the bottom of the pot.
Make sure you soak the crystals prior to use. Incorporate slow release fertiliser into the soil.
- Top dress with a little pelletised chicken manure and water well. Water well again after a few hours and on the following few days.

For a large patio - At the top of a stairway - Beside a wide entrance

Good apartment plants?

2007-03-22 10:17:00 by AFLT

I have an apartment and currently I have a "lucky" bamboo that is barely hanging on for it's life and I was wondering about getting a few other plants that might do well in pots. I've had peacelilies before and they are relatively easy to not kill but was wanting some other ideas that makes for good indoor plants. Also I would like some nice flowering plants that might work well for the deck outside. I doubt I will get any direct sunlight or just a little during the summer after the leaves begin to grow. My biggest concern is getting a plant that is easy to care for. ANy suggestions?

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