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growing herbs indoorsIndoor herb gardens allow you to enjoy fresh herbs year-round. Imagine snipping fresh sprigs of rosemary for your favorite savory dishes...and harvesting aromatic mint leaves to flavor teas -- right from your kitchen window herb garden.

If you live in a cold-winter region, indoor herb gardens will give you a steady supply of fresh culinary herbs right through the winter months. Store-bought herbs just can't match the flavor and aroma of freshly harvested herbs. If you cook at all, you'll find that growing herbs yourself is tremendously rewarding.

What types of herbs should you grow? Some easy herbs to grow indoors are, , , , , , , and .

Getting set up is easy. Growing herbs indoors is low-effort and low-cost.

You can successfully grow many herbs from seed, however it may take several months before you can harvest them.

It's a cinch to find inexpensive herb plants for sale. make it even easier.

terracotta potHerb Identification

The herbs shown here are (from left to right):




Italian parsley

red basil


Herb Planters

The types of you use are up to you. Just about anything will work as long as it has good drainage. These plants don't like soggy soil and won't live long if they are overwatered.

I prefer terra cotta pots because they are porous. Unglazed terra cotta allows the potting soil to dry out faster so it prevents waterlogged roots.

I've also planted several herbs together in one big terra cotta bowl -- it had a drainage hole and saucer and suited the herbs just fine.

Care of Indoor Herb Gardens

Give your plants plenty of light. Most herbs need at least 6 hours of direct sun every day. Put them in a sunny window, sunroom or greenhouse. If your herbs get light from only one side, turn them once in a while so that all sides get the light they need for even growth. Another good option for sun-loving indoor herb gardens is .

Drench and dry. Water your herb plants until you see it flow from the drainage hole. Then, empty the saucer so that the soil doesn't continue to soak up water. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Check your herbs often in the heat of summer -- they may need watered more often than usual. Herbs kept outdoors are thirstier, so if you shift your plants outdoors for the summer, check on them every day.

Almost all from seeds

2010-05-26 05:16:34 by IamPatSajak

Except I bought like 4 varieties of tomatoes that were already growing and four strawberry plants. I did greenbeans, peas, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers (jalapeno and two varieties of bell), cucumber, onion, basil, parsley, mint, cilantro, sunflower and probably some other stuff I am forgetting. I started seeds indoors under grow lamps early march.

Doubt it! Plus there are cheap, effective....

2006-10-11 16:53:52 by Dos_-_Pesos

Alternatives (strainers, screens, hair traps, etc.).
My God! Please prove every word of this statement (seems impossible for prudent folks like us!): "The treatments plants are in much...greater-danger...
of being overloaded by clogging food particles that wind up escaping past the drain even with the best [folks'] efforts...."
Virtually nothing gets by our strainers, screens & traps! And when it does, and when that clogs our pipes, a little water pressure (zero chemicals!) cleans pipes out. What's your problem?
But none of this matters!

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