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Gardening pictureThe name “ivy” can be a bit confusing, since it’s applied to a number of houseplants. The most commonly available, English ivy or, is relatively simple to care for and makes an excellent choice for the beginning indoor gardener. Few houseplants are as adaptable as the ivy when it comes to its growing habit. English ivy is equally happy cascading over the side of a basket or twining up a support. It also makes an ideal subject for topiary, since it responds well to trimming and willingly attaches itself to a structure.
The Meaning of Ivy
Ivy was revered by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a symbol of marriage and love, no doubt because of its clinging habit. Woven into a crown or wreath, ivy decorated the heads of brides and grooms as a representation of faithfulness. Likewise, pagans believed that wearing or carrying ivy brought the bearer good luck. In the language of flowers, ivy represents fidelity.
The American Ivy Society’s classification system identifies ivies by placing them into one or more of eight categories. Categories include:
• Variegated ivies - leaves with two or more colors, including white, cream, yellow, gold or chartreuse
• Bird’s foot ivies - long, thin leaves with narrow lobes, resembling the footprint of a bird
• Fan ivies - broad leaves with five to nine lobes of equal length
Curly ivies - wavy, ruffled or ridged leaves
• Heart-shaped or sweetheart ivies - leaves are rarely lobed and have a leathery look
• Miniature ivies - ideal for terrariums because of their slow growth, have leaves no bigger than 3/4” long or 1/2” wide.
Ivy of the Year
Each year, the American Ivy Society names a particular variety as the Ivy of the Year. For the year 2013 (which also happens to be the 40th anniversary of the Society), the honor goes to Hedera helix ‘Minigreen’. Developed in the Netherlands, ‘Minigreen’ is both a miniature and a bird’s foot variety, with five-lobed leaves that are slightly folded upwards at the base and slightly turning downwards at the terminal lobe.

The Setting, 2

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. The whole Paulinskill valley hosted these tender ferns and plants, many of which were edible and all of which were gorgeous. A pool was a bit excessive considering the location of the kill, but it was enjoyed none the less. Paths of glittering mica led the way between the heavenly gardens. Even more picturesque was the stone staircase surrounded by English Ivy and Periwinkles which produced more flowers than a handful of girls could pick.
The property was covered in lilacs. Where they came from originally she did not know, but they were her favorite thing. They grew behind the guest cottage, and over by the shed, and they brushed her bed room window where she slept in the log cabin

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