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After buying a house, I popped into Armstrong since there don't seem to be many nursery/greenhouse alternatives in my area.

It's a small nursery Dublin, with plants that you'll see in your neighbors yards, but nothing extraordinary or even particularly interesting. There is a largeish indoor space where you can buy your fertilizers and fungicides in small quantities and an outdoor area with your run-of-the-mill garden plants and some small trees ready for planting.

Woe to you, though, if you know what you're looking for or want an unusual variety or specimen plant. I spoke to someone and was quickly handed off to someone else, and then sent to speak with a third person. They were not interested in what I wanted, though I knew the specific genus/species and varieties I was looking for, and nor were they interested in steering me toward things that might be like what I wanted.

I first asked about lilies, as I had a spectacular lily garden that I had to give up when I moved to California last year. The third person I spoke with (after being handed around a bit) pointed me toward some aroids...Callas -- sometimes known as calla lilies. An honest mistake, I suppose, but I was looking for actual lilies (Lilium), which are not similar or closely related to Callas at all. No one working there seemed to understand that there was a difference between "lilies" and "calla lilies." I considered that maybe this was what gardeners in this region called their plants and tried something else.

Shifting gears (though a little taken aback), I asked about what varieties of hostas there may be. I was quickly told that I don't want hostas -- though I had said what varieties I was particularly interested in) because slugs like them. They had 3 small pots with hostas in them, none of which looked very healthy. No alternatives or other options were suggested, either before or after I said I was prepared to battle slugs if necessary and that I was very familiar with hostas.

Finally, I asked about whether there were able to special order plants from their suppliers if I knew precisely what I wanted. They people I spoke with indicated that there were not interested in anything like that, though this was a common service at nurseries I have dealt with in other areas before I relocated to the East Bay. They weren't even interested in checking to see if their suppliers carried plants that I was looking for or taking my contact information and list of plants.

All in all, I got the impression that most (if not all) of the workers here were not interested or knowledgable about plants or gardening. They seem to do well selling the same plants to people over and over, but they are not interested in working with you or helping you if you want your garden to be a little unique.

Indoor bulbs

2009-02-16 14:21:04 by Frog_Barf

There's a group of bulbs grown indoors that includes "amaryllis", paper white narcissus, hyacinths, and crocuses.
These are all really outdoor bulbs that can be cultivated indoors. The "amaryllis" (really hippeastrums) will come back year after year if you take care of them, but the rest are so exhausted afterwards that the most you can do is plant them out and pray for their recovery. These bulbs are actually hardy plants, the amaryllis being somewhat tender.
This group of bulbs are sold from, say, September through December and by this time of year won't be available

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