Sticky houseplants

Sticky Houseplants
Green up your office cubby with a houseplant. Here are easy-care suggestions from Chronicle garden editor Kathy Huber and Initial Tropical Plants horticultural expert Ken Brewer:

ZZ plant
The fleshy 2- to 3-foot stems of this striking plant are lined with alternating glossy, dark-green leaves.You'll wonder how anything that looks this good could need so little care.
• Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Golden pothos
Goldon pothos, or devil's ivy, is an easy-care vining plant that will grow in any light except direct hot sun or total darkness.
• Scindapsus aureus

Snake plant
Snake plant, aka mother-in-law's tongue, are extremely easy-to-grow succulents that tolerate high to low light. Use one as an accent or mass them in larger planters.
• Sansevieria spp.

Chinese evergreen
Chinese evergreens, solid green or variegated, tolerate various settings and are typically long-lived.
Aglaonema spp.

Peace lily
Peace lily, also known as white sails, produces cobra hood-like spathes against glossy, dark-green, pointed oval leaves. The long-lasting spathes are first pale green then turn creamy white.
• Spathiphyllum wallisii

Commonly called green corn plant, this non-demanding dracaena is available in bush and cane form and as a braided tree.
• Dracaena 'Janet Craig'

Cast iron plant
This extremely low-care plant can be grown in a container indoors or out and in shady garden beds.
Aspidistra elatior

Bird's nest fern
This handsome plant with elliptical, erect fronds needs only moderate to bright indirect light and a drink of water every five to seven days.
• Asplenium nidus

China doll
The glossy, delicate foliage of this bushy plant holds up remarkably well under bright office lights. Keep it evenly moist. Plant your China doll outdoors and it will soar.
• Radermachera sinica

Handsome on its own, ivy also is a great mixer among other houseplants. Go dark green or opt for one of the numerous variegated varieties. All tolerate indirect to medium light. Avoid overwatering.

Looks something like a mealybug

2005-11-13 16:18:44 by blackskimmer

Creatures like this but without the tail and pinkish are often found growing on succulents from greenhouses. I've had tons. they mostly hide in a crevice or on the leafe and suck juices from the plant and have babies. (all females ususlly?) the excess juices they drip out there buts and it falls on the plants and makes em sticky and fungus grows on it.
they are related to scale insects and aphids.
get a toothpick and pull em all off, and you can even wash the plant in alcohol.
or keep em if you want them, although they might go wild on your other houseplants.

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