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This would possibly have been more helpful to people, or at least more timely, if I'd posted it earlier, but you know how things go sometimes.

Houseplants with heart-shaped leaves are surprisingly uncommon. I looked through the "yearbook" expecting to find them all over the place, but actually, most of the stuff that looked heart-shaped were actually either round (orbicular) or lens-shaped (elliptic) leaves, that only appeared to be slightly heart-shaped when viewed from a particular angle (e.g. ). I was really expecting to find a lot more than this.

Even a lot of plants that have leaves which are technically the right shape are a little more elongated than people normally think of as heart-shaped. More spear-shaped (hastate) or triangular (deltoid) than cordate (the botanical term for "heart-shaped"), really.

There's also a word, obcordate, which means heart-shaped-but-with-the-petiole-attaching-at-the-"bottom"-of-the-heart-instead-of-at-the-"dent." You can see why having a shorter word is useful. I'm counting obcordate leaves too, because the shape isn't any different, it's just the point of attachment that changes.

I am, no doubt, forgetting some plants here (in which case please, remind me in comments), but here's what I came up with:

Anthurium crystallinum 'Mehani.' Anthurium andraeanum 'Pandola, ' plus some other Anthurium andraeanum cvv. (bonus: many have flowers with heart-shaped spathes, too! Including some that are both red and heart-shaped!) Cyclamen persicum cvv. (florist's cyclamen) Hedera helix (English ivy), some cvv. Hemionitis arifolia (heart fern). Monstera deliciosa 'Cheesecake' (variegated split-leaf philodendron), as well as other Monstera deliciosa cvv. Mature leaves will develop splits, but the overall leaf shape remains cordate. >P. griseoargentea) Philodendron gloriosum. Philodendron hederaceum 'Brazil' and other P. hederaceum cvv. (heart-leaf philodendron) Scindapsus pictus (satin pothos).

We'll be doing anti-recommendations for this set, because most of these are perfectly nice folks, who would fit in just fine in most households. However, Hemionitis is not easy to grow at all -- miss one watering, even by half a day, and it'll tell you it hates you and will never forgive you before stomping off to its room to cut itself and write bad angsty songs on the guitar you bought it for its birthday. And it doesn't like direct sunlight that much either. I don't know how they are about humidity because I've only ever seen one in the greenhouse, but it's a fern, so, make your own guesses.

I've also never owned a Cyclamen, though I know of enough people who have that I'm thinking they may not be that bad. I'm a little scared to try, because plants with serious dormant periods freak me out. Maybe someday.

For Ben Roberts: some info

2010-09-18 21:05:39 by Drosophila2

A. TOXIC HOUSEPLANTS may cause a rash after contact with the skin or mouth:
Chrysanthemum Weeping fig
Creeping fig Poinsettia
B. IRRITATING PLANTS, some of which contain oxalic acid that causes mouth swelling; and occasionally may cause generalized toxicity such as staggering and collapse:
Arrowhead vine Malanga
Boston ivy Marble queen
Caladium Mother-in-law plant (snake plant)
Calla or Arum lily Neththyis
Dumbcane Parlor ivy
Elephant's ear Pothos or Devil's lily
Emerald duke Peace lily
Heart leaf Red princess (philodendron)
Jack-in-the-pulpit Saddle leaf (philodendron)
Majesty Split leaf (philodendron)

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Lawn & Patio (9GreenBox)
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  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4 pot as pictured

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