Houseplants 101

houseplants 101

One of my favorite classes in college was plant ID. Yes. I loved the fact that I was being forced to memorize the common and scientific names of all houseplants. Strange, I know but I'm infatuated with plants. I know it stems from my mom who had plants around our house growing up and was always rooting cuttings on the windowsill. She also threw plant parties (you know like Tupperware parties) in the 70's before I came along.

Our bedroom was lacking umph so my husband and I picked out a couple little fellas to pot up and cleanse the air in our room. How happy they make me! Not only are these plants good for the air you breathe, but they are good for your soul too. A bit of living green inside has always brightened my spirits.
Fawcett 101 Flowering Houseplants
Book (Fawcett)

For Ben Roberts: some info

2010-09-18 21:05:39 by Drosophila2

A. TOXIC HOUSEPLANTS may cause a rash after contact with the skin or mouth:
Chrysanthemum Weeping fig
Creeping fig Poinsettia
B. IRRITATING PLANTS, some of which contain oxalic acid that causes mouth swelling; and occasionally may cause generalized toxicity such as staggering and collapse:
Arrowhead vine Malanga
Boston ivy Marble queen
Caladium Mother-in-law plant (snake plant)
Calla or Arum lily Neththyis
Dumbcane Parlor ivy
Elephant's ear Pothos or Devil's lily
Emerald duke Peace lily
Heart leaf Red princess (philodendron)
Jack-in-the-pulpit Saddle leaf (philodendron)
Majesty Split leaf (philodendron)

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Houseplants 101
Houseplants 101
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Fawcett 101 More Houseplants
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Circle Books 101 Houseplants and How to Grow Them: Checkpoint Book # 106
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