Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants

little pothosAs everything turns brown outside, are you looking for a little greenery in your life? Lush houseplants can revitalize your home as the season changes to fall and then on to winter. Plus, for all you notorious plant killers, many plants that grow well indoors don’t require a lot of TLC. Hey, not all of us can be gardening-savvy. Or maybe your green thumbs are just twitching to grow something. Anything. You gardening addict. Whatever your skill level when it comes to gardening, these five indoor plants are darn easy to maintain.

1. Fern

Say goodbye to the winter blues with these babies in your home. A fern’s primitive foliage won’t overpower a room’s décor, but it will add a burst of happy green color. And as the days turn dark earlier, what room couldn’t use a bit of bright green cheer?

This plant doesn’t require a lot of fuss. In fact, it thrives in low light (perfect for indoors) and it only needs basic maintenance. Follow these simple tips:

  • Place ferns in north or east-facing windows, as they emit less intense light.
  • Native to the tropics, ferns like their humidity. They do great in steamy bathrooms! Ferns will thrive best in 65 to 75 degree temperatures. Mist their leaves regularly to increase the humidity.
  • Consistent watering keeps these plants looking their best. Ferns like their soil moist, but not wet. If you water too often their leaves will start to yellow.fern you do see yellowing, or it could cause the roots to rot.

Some fern varieties that flourish behind closed doors include button, rabbit’s foot, bird’s nest (pictured above) and Boston ferns. Ask your local nursery for other good options.

2. Snake Plant

The architectural, vertical leaves of this plant scream drama. If you’re looking to add a modern vibe to your home, this bold plant will do the trick. Follow these easy maintenance tips:

  • When you feel like you should water this plant—don’t. It likes its soil to dry out between waterings.
  • Keep snake plants in a room with lots of natural light.snake plant efer warm temperatures.

Just a note, another variety of this plant, cleverly nicknamed mother-in-law’s tongue (pictured above), looks similar, but has a yellow border along the outer edge of the leaves.

3. Aloe Vera

Calling all, let’s say, less-than-savvy gardeners: Aloe vera is the plant for you. This striking little plant doesn’t need a lot of coddling to grow. Place it in a warm, sunny window and water it occasionally. That’s it. You get a bit of dramatic flair from its showoff leaves to add style to your home, and also a quick, natural remedy for minor burns and cuts. Talk about a plant that pulls its weight.

4. Jade Plant

aloe vera plant jade plant pothos

Houseplant help!

2004-11-08 13:40:24 by brown_thumb_inside

I've been learning-through-doing on my houseplants, but I could use some experienced advice (books just are not helping!). Some of my plants have done great, some have lingered in a half-life for years and some just die on me.
First, how can I keep my ivy alive?!? I've tried all kinds of lighting situations, from low, indirect light to full sun and they always die! I've tried watering less, watering more. The leaves just turn brown and drop, no matter what. What kind of light is best? How/when to water? Do they need a particular temp or humidity condition to thrive??
Also, my coleus never seem to do well

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