Best houseplants for no sun

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  • Lack of humidity is one of the biggest problems for houseplants, particularly during winter when heating systems dry air to desert conditions. To raise the humidity, set them on trays or pans filled with gravel and water. Keep the water level below the top pieces of gravel.
  • Most flowering varieties require more light than foliage plants. Watch leaves for signs of improper light conditions. If they start turning yellow, move to a spot where it will get less light.Tap Water Is Fine...Just Let It Stand Awhile First ive them more light.
  • South and west windows give the most sun during the winter; east windows are best for the summer months.
  • Give pots a quarter turn each time you water so the plants won’t lean toward the light and get lopsided.
  • Does it have gnats? Here’s a trick to find out if you’re not sure: slice a chunk of raw potato and leave it on top of the soil where you suspect they are thriving (lay it cut side down). After seven days, lift the potato up–if you have them you will see larvae on the potato. From How To Get Rid Of Gnats.
  • Save onion scraps to make your own homemade pesticide, see
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Houseplant help!

2004-11-08 13:40:24 by brown_thumb_inside

I've been learning-through-doing on my houseplants, but I could use some experienced advice (books just are not helping!). Some of my plants have done great, some have lingered in a half-life for years and some just die on me.
First, how can I keep my ivy alive?!? I've tried all kinds of lighting situations, from low, indirect light to full sun and they always die! I've tried watering less, watering more. The leaves just turn brown and drop, no matter what. What kind of light is best? How/when to water? Do they need a particular temp or humidity condition to thrive??
Also, my coleus never seem to do well

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