Best houseplants for allergies

The Acrea Palm Cleans Household AirThe search for dust and dirt, and the shove of a broom beneath tiny spaces, is a quest most deliberate. You seek out corners and crevices; you scrub along ceilings and staircase curves. There’s no surface that escapes your attention. Every inch of your house is scoured and stripped of all things vile. And finally, the day yields results as the proof of your success is seen in the slick floorboards and polished silver. Your home is clean. Of this you are certain.

Such certainty is premature!

Beneath the careful work of mops and rags are toxins that can’t be seen. They creep along the air, catching against skin and breaths. You inhale them, and they can then make every gesture labored. These organisms spawn health worries and allergic reactions. What’s more, they can survive even the most diligent of domestic routines.

English Ivy is a Great Air CleanerYour efforts (though admirable) therefore are not enough to counter them. You must instead find alternatives that can: plants.

Nature is often forgotten in the world of chemical answers and quick replies, but it can provide an easy resolution for all hygiene concerns. Consider these three plants to defend against weak air.

Acrea Palm

The Acrea Palm (technically dubbed Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) is a marvel of natural comfort. Its massive fronds, which can extend over six feet, release water throughout the day, lowering temperatures and dissolving toxins. Within 24 hours, over one liter of liquid can be dispersed. This allows each room to be cooled and keeps dreaded bacteria from forming. No plant has been proven more effective in serving as a humidifier and cleansing the air.

English Ivy

The English Ivy (known among botany followers as Hedera helix) is a contrary thing. Understood to be invasive within the wild, and shaping entire ecosystems to new and unwanted purposes, the Ivy is nevertheless coveted within homes. This unique organism can collect over 70 percent of all airborne allergens, often within a single day. It purifies each room, removing mold and fecal traces. Seasonal allergy sufferers can finally find relief.

Best for Houses

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