Best Houseplants for Air Purification

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If that fancy, expensive air purifier that you just saw in the mall is a little bit out of your price range, don’t be sad! There is another way to purify the air in your home, and it’s natural! (Not to mention cheaper!)

Houseplants are a fabulous way to purify the air in your home, by absorbing chemicals and pollutants found in the air. Scientists from NASA have been studying how plants can clean the air on space stations for years, and the results are extremely impressive! In some controlled conditions, certain plants were able to remove up to 82 percent of pollutants in the air within 24 hours! So which plants are the best at purifying indoor air? Read on to find out!

NOTE: If you have pets beware that some houseplants can be toxic to them. Please conduct your own research before trying any of these houseplants.

Aloe Vera

Even novice gardeners can get in on the Aloe Vera action! This is one of the easiest plants to grow, and it gets rid of potentially harmful chemicals that are found in household cleaners and paints. An added bonus? Free first aid relief for burns and cuts, right in your kitchen window!

English Ivy

English Ivy was given the number one ranking by NASA as the very best houseplant for cleaning the air. It is the very best at absorbing formaldehyde in the air, and it is also very easy to grow. Grow it in a hanging basket in a corner for best results. This plant is a great choice for those with allergies or asthma, but beware: the leaves are poisonous!

handcrafters-companionSpider Plant

The Spider Plant is one of my personal favorites. The beautiful long grassy leaves make it a gorgeous choice for an indoor houseplant, and it doesn’t need too much maintenance. Place the spider plant near the fireplace or in the kitchen for maximum carbon monoxide absorbing benefit.

Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is another great choice for indoor air purification. As it grows larger and larger, its air purifying benefits will continue to increase. The Areca Palm has a reputation of being one of the best indoor air purifiers that there is!

Peace Lily

If you’re wanting more than just greenery to spruce up the inside of your home and purify the air, the Peace Lily is a great choice. It is a gorgeous flowering plant that does great in shady spots.

Snake Plant

What makes the Snake Plant (or Mother In Law’s Tongue unique is that it is on the opposite “schedule” of most other plants. While most plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day, the Snake Plant does so at night. This factor, along with the fact that Snake Plants do great in shady or dim areas, makes it a natural choice for the bedroom.

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