Best Potted plants for Indoor

As preppers,we need to have food all year round,we can’t rely on stores and if SHTF it will be down to use to either capture or grow our own food,this article goes over 16 edible plants we can grow indoors over winter to keep us filled to the brim with vegetables.


Before you get started,here are a few tips that will be handy to keep in mind no matter which of the plants from this list you choose to grow.

  1. All of these plants require well-draining soil,which means you will either need to use a pot with holes in the bottom or pile up some stones in the bottom of your pot before adding soil (so that the water can drain through the stones). If you choose to use a pot with holes in the bottom,be sure to put a shallow drainage container under the pot so the water doesn’t drain onto your floor,shelf,or windowsill.
  2. For each of these plants,feel free to purchase potting mix at a garden center or make your own (You can also choose whether or not you want to stick with organic soils). Each plant grows best in a slightly different soil environment,but this general potting mix recipe will help get you started.
  3. Many of these plants grow best in areas that receive lots of sunlight and remain fairly warm throughout the day. Sunny windows are extremely helpful for growing plants indoors. However,if you don’t have sunny windows (or if the area is a low temperature),grow lights will be your new best friend — they help maintain optimal light and temperature conditions for plants regardless of outside weather or indoor conditions. Quote:


2012-09-25 11:43:27 by ShrinkingSandy

My ponytail plant suddenly has a 'crack' in the bulb base. Is that a sign of too much water - not enough water - being root-bound? It is an indoor plant and was last re-potted six years ago.
I beleive the plant is 15 + years old.
Note: I have a 'purple thumb' when it comes to growing plants. This ponytail plant was my mom's and since she passed away I have been trying to care for her plants - to the best of my ability. My mom had a green thumb and could grow anything from just a clipping!
So far I have managed to keep them all alive for the past four years and I take extra special care of her ponytail plant because it was her pride & joy

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