Best plants to grow indoors

8 Best Plants to Grow Indoors

These days, this thing known as “micro-gardening” seems to be all the rage. I feel that this is a totally justifiable thing, as micro-gardening allows people with even the smallest of living spaces to grow their own food. The great thing is that there are a surprisingly large number of edible (and even decorative) plants that grow quite well indoors.

There are entirely too many people who seem to think that just because they don’t have a huge backyard or small farm, they can’t grow their own food and reap all of the benefits that doing so will bring. What they may not know is how simple it is to turn a simple window ledge or even sacrifice a wall that gets a lot of sun into a garden.

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2009-08-09 14:53:15 by oldguy68

Bottoms of green onions in a pot is intended to get you going immediately, with plants that give near-instantaneous payoff (in just a couple of days, you'll see green growth peeping up from the centers of the white stalks).
Also, you won't lose your work to winter, if you choose a pot small enough to move indoors, come the frost.
I would say, about home gardening, think of it as one continuous process of experimentation: do a bunch of experiments on a small scale (IE, try seeds now in a couple of pots and see how they do; try one six-pack of plants in pots and see how they do)

Just growing seeds like corn and beans.

2007-03-16 19:57:47 by RadonHuffer

Sunflowers are really cool.
Start some big seeds indoors in some clear media. See the roots and leaves start.
Plant real plants like sunflowers and let them grow to over 10 feet high, How much carbon did you capture?
Cheap and fun.
Its how i do things, A walk around a local wildlife preserve, Priceless!
Google camp invention, We have 2 pickup trucks full of goodies ready to get disassembled. Not 1 CRT in the pile, lots of lenses, front end mirrors and other high tech stuff, All recovered through selective dumpster diving.
Its easy as long as you keep thinking.
Best of luck.

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