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So, you want to create your own vertical garden? Well you might have all the tools to make it happen, but what plants should you use to make sure they grow well and live long?

There is a whole host of things to think about before planting your own vertical wall, including:

  • Is the wall positioned indoors or outdoors?
  • How much sunlight will it receive?
  • Are the plants creepers or drapers?
  • Where should plants be positioned depending on how large they are and how they grow?

A vertical garden is a great addition to the home and adds just that extra bit of colour and life to the living space, whether it's a large feature wall or a small and easy-to-maintain plant project.

Great plants for a vertical wall include:

Epipremnum aureum or the Australian native monstera

These plants grow really well indoors and are perfect for those who don't quite have a green thumb because they don't require too much care. It's a creeper and can grow up to 20 metres, digging its roots into trees, or whatever is close by, and growing upwards. Keep this one off the floor and away from the dog or cat though, as it can be toxic to furry friends.

Aeschynanthus or the lipstick plant

This is a subtropical flowering plant which prefers a warm and humid environment. It's called the lipstick plant because of the bright red flowering buds which look great among the green foliage on a vertical wall. These work well either indoors or out and grow best with a moist soil and good lighting. Make sure the soil doesn't become too moist though, and keep them in good light for optimum flowering. Place these plants at about mid-range on your vertical wall because their shiny green leaves cascade beautifully, but they also climb too, so give them room for some movement.

Hoya carnosa or the wax flower

The wax flower is the perfect plant for a smaller vertical wall project. They creep along walls, ladders and other objects easily and work well outside. Simply use some chicken wire to encourage the vines to grow along your fence or wall.

Adiantum aethiopicum or maidenhair fern

Position these at the edges of your vertical wall, or scattered throughout, and these will cascade and give your wall a lush and soft look. In Australia, these plants are found near creeks or in open forest so they love water.

Help for all indoor gardeners feel free to ask!

2012-05-14 12:26:55 by metaverse

Saw some posts up here about indoor gardening and me being somewhat of expert thought i woudl throw advice out here for anybody who needs.
well, i will start with strawberries since this is the first post i saw. strawberries can be very profitable. a well grown in strawberry plant to start with and clone from is ideal. like most temperate plants it likes a spongy well draining soil, and the kind in particular for achieving optimal growth will not wet well at all and is done best in containers or a large bed. river sand would be a GREAT additive, but a poor choice as a growing medium

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