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Choose a sunny, south-facing window to overwinter your herbs so they get the most light in winter.

There's nothing like the taste of fresh herbs in cooking. However, in most parts of the country, fall means the herb harvest is coming to an end. If you live in a mild winter area, you can enjoy harvesting perennial herbs that naturally overwinter outdoors, such as rosemary, lavender, oregano, and thyme, as you need them all winter long. However, in most parts of the country, perennial and biennial herbs either lose their leaves in winter or just aren't hardy enough to survive at all.

You certainly can dry and freeze herb leaves for winter use, but if you crave the taste of fresh herbs in winter, bring some of these perennial herb plants indoors. the garden or in pots, you can extend the fresh herb picking season by months by bringing the plants in when frost threatens. This technique works best for perennial and biennial herbs, such as chives, mint, oregano, thyme, parsley, and rosemary. Annual herbs, such as basil, tend to tire after a few weeks indoors. Annual herbs are best started from seed indoors under grow lights and grown as new plants for a winter harvest.

Here are the steps to bringing your perennial herb garden indoors.

Light gardening, even indoors

2004-03-30 11:56:18 by is_a_great

Activity where she can care for and grow plants, herbs, etc.
also find out her specific interests-- there are tapes & dvds for everything--opera, etc.
check out retirement homes' activity centers for ideas--either online or your neighborhood.
If she has friends she likes to spend time with, help them get together weekly. They can visit and chat, play cards, etc.
Best of luck

Here are 2 combos

2002-04-26 15:50:54 by chowhound

Based on requirements:
Pot 1 (likes more water)
Pot 2 (keep on the dry side)
Bay trees also do well indoors, just make sure you get a true greek laurel (not california laurel) for best flavor & fragrance.
My indoor herbs have full sun and survive quite well but don't ever put on the tremendous growth of my outdoor ones. They take a while to get established so don't worry if they sulk after transplanting.
Try to buy sturdy well established plants, not the tiniest things at the nursery or you'll never have anything to harvest

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