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IMGP6992When your home bound by 12 to 18 inches of snow and below zero temperatures, you can still enjoy gardening. Indoor gardening has brought pleasure to people for thousands of years. Most are plants that typically we cannot grow in our zone area, such as unusual tropical plants. Here are a few facts to consider when selecting an indoor plant.

First and for foremost inspect the plant. Make sure that the foliage is free from disease and insects. If you are adding to a collection of plants you certainly do not want to bring problems into the collection. Don’t forget to check the underside of the foliage.

overwateredNext make sure the plant appears sturdy, clean and potted well. Stand back and take a good look at the shape. It should have good coverage with leaves. Avoid plants with any yellow or brown on them. Also watch that the plant has not been over watered or wilted from the lack of water. Feel free to pull the plant from its container and inspect the roots.
They should be a healthy root system. The roots should appear fibrous with white root tips.
Repotting Root Bound House Plants3 choose to re-pot it in a larger container or root prune and repot in the same container. Roots that are circling the inside of the container are looking for air. In heavy extreme cases you may see the soil missing from the bound plant. When pruning the root leave enough root to sustain the plant. It may show some signs of shock for a few days after planting but the plant will perk back up in a few days.

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Ghetto Gardening in February

2007-02-06 09:31:22 by charlesgeorgetaylo

It’s time to start seeds inside. Spring is right around the corner. Tomatoes and green peppers should begin their germination process at this time. Do not wait until May to buy garden plants at Home Depot or another garden store. Real gardeners cultivate their own plants from seeds and the produce always seems much tastier than what one can buy at the supermarket.
It feels better to give birth to our own plants—adopting them is never really the same.
Plants that are started indoors in the dead of winter keep us going on cold winter nights. They are like pets, curling up in a window, purring for our love and affection

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