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Top Indoor Purifying Plants #home #decorating #healthLet’s start 2014 off right! A lot of New Year’s Resolutions center around being healthier and a great place to start is with some plants. Studies show that indoor pollution is typically two to three times worse than outdoor pollution especially during the winter when we keep our hatches battened and run our heaters. Fortunately for us, an easy way to filter indoor pollutants is to enjoy some indoor plants.

A study done by NASA listed the top air purifying plants. Here are some of the easiest to grow:

Syngonium podophylum or “Arrowhead Vine” is an attractive large leafed vine that drapes rather than climbs and grows well in low light (even a light bulb works).

Nephrolepis exaltata or “Boston Fern” likes frequent water and low light. It looks especially good hanging from a hook.

Sansevieria trifasciata or “Mother In-law’s Tongue” is super easy to grow. It likes low light and the variegated variety has nice multicolored leaves.

Top Indoor Purifying Plants #home #decorating #health Top Indoor Purifying Plants #home #decorating #health

Best place for indoor plants SD?

2005-08-24 17:24:17 by greenface

I am looking for the best place in San Diego for indoor plant selection. I go to the big nurseries and never find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for hawaiian kentia palms at a moderate price, dracaena or corn plants, a type of elephant ear plant, one one I don't know what it is. Basically who simply has the best indoor plant selection in the city????

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