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Houseplants make a beautiful, and inexpensive, decorative accent, adding color and warmth to virtually any room in your home or apartment. Not only that, houseplants help purify the air round you, adding a health benefit as well. And the best news is: Anybody can grow houseplants. You are just as capable of having a lush, verdant indoor "plant-ation" as a certified botanist, as long as you're willing to devote the barest amount of time to seeing that your plants get the proper amount of light, water, humidity, food and love.

Here are 26 tips that I guarantee will help keep your houseplants happy and healthy for years to come:


1--Be sure you buy an indoor plant. Over the past couple of hundred years, professional horticulturists and just plain plant fanciers have discovered and isolated, mostly through trial and error, the plants that will thrive in a pot in your house or apartment. The best way to ensure the plant you buy is a certified "indoor plant" is to shop at a reputable nursery, garden center or flower shop where you can put your trust in the staff. Plants sold at supermarkets and discount stores are most likely indoor plants, especially if they're potted in clay or terra-cotta containers.

2--If you travel a lot or if you're just too busy to devote a lot of time to plant care, stick to a hassle-free plant. Among the best are philodendron, pothos, Chinese evergreen, dracaena, cactus, spathiphyllum, palms, ficus, dieffenbachia or sanseveiria. These plants need only northern or eastern sunlight, water when their soil is dry, a weekly misting and a monthly feeding. Flowering plants, delicate, fern-like plants and plants with gaudy foliage usually will not survive indoors without ideal growing conditions and lots of TLC.

3--Know the name of the plant you're buying and what kind of growing conditions it requires. For instance, there are only a few plants that will do well in dark corners, such as those listed above. If you haven't got a bright sunny spot, stay away from flowering plants and plants with colorful leaves. Tell your plant purveyor about the light conditions where you want to put your plant. He or she will advise you which plants will be best suited to those conditions.


4--Be a cautious waterer--don't overdo it. More plants die from overwatering than any other cause. A good general rule is water your plants only when their soil is dry to the touch.

5--Water your plants with water at room temperature. Water that's too hot or too cold can shock the plant's delicate root system.

6--Cover the top of the soil with a thin layer of purified charcoal. This will filter out any impurities in the water and will help freshen the air.

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