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I live in Northern IL - Kane County.

we have over an AC and the lot is split between full sun and full shade. Due to water issues in the area, we have to choose plants that are drought torrent to survive in our yard!

Balloon Flowers have done very well in both shade and full sun. At fist, I wasn't that happy with them as the flowers don't last for a long time, nor do the spread quickly. The GOOD NEWS is this yr. they did very, very well with our sever drought conditions............. I have several that seeded down and were in a location I didn't want them so I really didn't water them and they survived!!!

Black -eyed Susan same as above! However, they will wilt down if they don't receive some form of water occasionally. The good news is once you see them start to wilt, give them a little water and they will come roaring back! They will also seed down for you!

Another favorate is Purple Cone Flowers, and they come in White, Yellow, RED, and Pink. They have a very nice decorative flower head. And if you deadhead them, they will continue to flower all summer with Little to no maintenance. Just added the Red one's this yr and I love them!!!!!

A few other to consider are; Jacob's Ladder, Lavender, Speedwell, Yarrow (long lasting but get tall and gangly, but the bee's and butterfly love it)

You are in for a trying time !

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Lemons are basically tropical trees ( not indoor pot plants) !
they do best with night temps above 70 & full, hot, sunlight.
you need at a minimum a 30 gal container. trees in a small container take longer to fruit & are much harder to keep in water balance.
lack of light in winter is a problem, as indoor, near a window is less light than outside, under a tree, in full shade, in summer ( no citrus does well in shade, they like light)
7 yrs to fruit, from seed, in general.
as an inside pot plant ? 10 yrs or so

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