Best indoor plants for apartment living

Watering indoor plants with a watering can.Between living in Phoenix and living in an apartment, there are handfuls of reasons why your place is lacking any sort of plant life. It’s nearly impossible to keep anything alive out on the patio unless it’s a cactus, and there’s usually not much space inside to do too much. Plus, things can get messy bringing dirt filled potted plants indoors, and ugh, remembering to water it! When temperatures rise it’s hard enough to remember to keep myself hydrated so I don’t wither up and turn into dust, let alone remember to keep the soil moist.

Having living plants in your place certainly adds so much to the look and feel of any space. Somehow the room feels warmer, more inviting, and alive. There is a way to reconcile all of our plant-dying issues, you know? Those out there with green thumbs have come up with some creative solutions to help us plant-challenged or desert dwelling (or both) plant lover’s get some green in our homes.

self watering planterWall Planter Kit – This gravity-defying planter is not only a phenomenal space saver, it’s also a really cool and unique piece of art. With this planter kit you’ll be able to grow succulent plants on your wall. On your wall! By using a mysterious an all-natural moss and a mesh screen to contain the soil, your little garden can live for years hanging vertical. How cool is this thing?

Self Watering Planter – A real thinker came up with this one. Simply fill the inner pot with water and the soil will draw from this reserve pool as the water in the soil gradually evaporates. There is enough room to grow a variety of herbs and all you’ll need to do is check on that water reserve every once in awhile. I think most of us can handle that.

Blooms In A Bag – This product is like the real life version of gardening for dummies. This company does all of the hard work for you by prepackaging your new tomato plant, basil, oregano, mint, flowers, or any other plant in their sizeable selection in an unassuming bag, ready to grow. Simply pop open the bag, add your water, and make sure you’re following the sunlight requirements and you’ll have a new countertop plant in a week or two.

New To Indoor Gardening - Sweet Peas

2008-03-12 04:14:57 by Cloverallovermd

On March 3rd, I nicked my sweet pea seeds and planted them in individual cardboard containers, about 1" deep, with a garden soil for flowering plants. I put them on the table, underneath of a lamp that stays on over 75% of the day. I watered them at least once a day, sometimes twice.
What did I do wrong here? My plants still aren't sprouting yet. My apartment doesn't get any real sunlight, so I figured artificial light would be the next best thing. I was probably wrong. As far as sweet peas go, should I keep watering and waiting or is it time to give up?
I am determined to prove to myself that I CAN grow indoor plants

Inside garden

2010-01-10 09:00:45 by 1-1010:52

Growing a inside garden is very easy, you control the weather. Check out Midwest Grow Supplies online, they have everything you'll need. when growing inside you can choose to grow your plants in soil, hydroponic, or grow them in a aeroponic system. soil takes the longest but produces the best results. But soil cant compete with the fact that hydro and aero grow a plant almost twice as fast. High Pressure Sodium lights are best for indoor flowering plants and Metal Halloide bulbs for vegatative growth. hope this answered some of ur questions.

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