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Plant Rental Fountain

By adding rental plants, you can make your special occasion more intimate by filling corners with subtle but
lush décor in the form of plants and flowers. Greenery turns a shabby ballroom into a polished jewel.

Please for a printable list of plants for rent.

Our Customers Say it All

“Thank you for being an essential ingredient in the success of our party…The plants added just the right finishing touch to the total room décor. As always, you were right on time with plants, moss, and lovely pots in tow and installed everything in your most self-sufficient manner. What a joy it makes my job to work with such professionals.” K.D.

“As a public relations company, we normally receive short notice for our clients’ needs. However, your prompt, attentive service made a distinct impression. Everyone was thrilled with the results and they even won a “Best Booth” award.” V.V.


Rental Props Available:

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I cut all the illustrations from a desk

2006-03-21 15:09:29 by butter-cup

Calendar and pinned them to my cube. they are painting of nature and flowers. i also have a LOT of indoor plants around.
but best of all, is the mirror idea. i have a couple of fairly large mirrors postioned so that i can see all around me.
anyway, these help a bit with the monotony and claustrophobia, but don't address the lack of sunlight.

You may think this is a bit off

2012-11-17 17:52:57 by DazNConfused

But it is hard for me to get outside and even if I could go somewhere,,I dont have any where to put a garden. I live in the city and in a apartment.No back yard.
Even with a yard it is hard for me to get around.I could grow sweet corn and punkins outside,,but tomato's and herbs and stuff like that.
So for the past few years I have been doing the indoor gardening thing.I found it relaxing watching things grow knowing in a short time I would be consuming them.
I had some house plants and some flowers, but by being inside in a small greenhouse I could grow all year.
I had a greenhouse thing that you could screw to the side of your house in front of a sliding glass door,,open the door and you are in the garden,,you could just leave the door open

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