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hanging potted plantsTo call this ingenious plant potting idea a clever contemporary design would be an understatement. The simple inversion of typical round planter is space-saving, sure, and sustainable to be certain (since it saves water) – but best of all: yes, your plants will hang in a pot suspended upside down from the ceiling (or even quite literally off the wall)

These planters by Boskke are simple and round, black and white – they are almost intentionally generic to emphasize the eccentricity of their inversion. They require water a fraction as frequently as normal right-side-up potted plants. How does it work? A disk holds the hanging plant and soil in place and the process of pouring water in the pot from above is suddenly mess-free as well.

hanging planter design hanging planter idea

7 plants for healthier indoor air: need help!!!

2008-01-13 21:33:22 by Bigfoot1964

After reading the following article, I thought I would get some of these plants for my home. Can anyone help me locate a reasonably priced source for plants / seedlings / seeds in the near south suburbs? I would be looking for the following:

Christmas Cactus ( 2 for the bedrooms )

Rubber Plant ( 1 for living room )

Snake Plant ( 1 for bathroom, 1 for work )

Spider Plant ( 1 for computer room )

Muana Loa ( 1 for kitchen )

Any & all help appreciated. Sean

Houseplants can rid the air of the organic chemicals and toxins that cause asthma and other ailments

Plant needs drainage

2008-03-14 02:33:30 by twice_shy_nlli

Transplant your christmas cactus to a pot about the same size or maybe just a touch bigger as as the one it is in now, but one that has drainage holes. No drainage holes will eventually kill these plants.
These plants aren't really cactus plants, they are just called that as they sort of look like cacti. They prefer indoor temps & bright indirect light, but can take some morning sun as long as it isn't too hot. If the leaves start to develop a light tan or white coloring, it means they need more light and/or warmer temps. If the leaves develop a reddish tint, it means they are getting too much light and/or heat

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